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White Hyacinth's.


Just thought I would let you all know that while I sit here looking at everyones fabulous pic’s of plants, flowers and gardens, I have the heady scent of these 9 x White Hyacinths filling my sensory glands to overload.

As soon as I wake up and come down stairs they hit you. When I walked in from work tonight it hit me, as if I had them positioned in every room in the house.

I planted them the other side of christmas, when I had a cheap bulb buying frenzie around the garden centres (2 for 1 etc). I moved them into the house on Sunday and they smell devine.

My sister has mentioned that although she loves them, she can’t have them in her house as they give her headaches. All I can say is unlucky.

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Isn't the fragrance wonderful. I like to start paperwhites whenever they are available. Funny about your sister. My sister feels the same way when she stops by.

4 Mar, 2008


Women have a more sensitive sense of smell than men which could be the problem. Hyacinths don't cause me a problem but the white lilies you get in bouquets do. Don't know the variety they use but I'm sure one of our florist friends can help out with that. I love them but after 10 minutes in a room with them my top lip starts to tingle and my nose stuffs up. As you say our loss :o (

4 Mar, 2008


My husband hates Stargazer lilies for the same reason. I love Hyacinths AND Lilies! That bowlful of Hyacinths you have is beautiful. Wish they lasted much, much longer indoors.

4 Mar, 2008


hi all Cassablanca lilies are the most potent white ones Maple, although most of the oriental lillies can have this effect and it's funny because i can work in a shop full of them all day and it does'nt bother me, but if i just have one single stem in the house they give me a headake and make me sneeze, shame cos a do love them. i think it must be to do with the heat in the house that makes them more potent. flower shops are always really cold. and customers always come in saying what a lovely smell in this shop, but us florists just don't smell it! after having Brooke i did'nt work for about 18 months and i could walk past a flower shop and smell that smell, but within a couple of weeks of going back to work gone! don't smell it again! not even first thing when you walk in the shop in the morning! but then being a florist i don't really miss out on lillies - and i also have loads of lilies in the garden too - don't seem to bother me there either. most strange!

4 Mar, 2008

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