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Cuttings & seedlings need a home.


Today is the last day off before returning to work. Since i didnt win the lottery it looks like I shall have to get up tomorrow and trudge off with everyone else.

So today since the ground is solid I thought I would tidy up behind the shed.
I use this area behind the shed to store wood, BBQ, pots seedlings and young plants and basically anything that dosen’t have a home.

Last year it was home to loads of seedlings,cuttings etc

This was Sept 08

Today it now looks a lot more tidy.

Some plants are on the old table, pots are on the floor. The lillies are awating spring and Hyacinths are in the large pots with upside down pots on top.
I think this year I will build some sort of racking/shelving, like you find in garden centres to store more plants, cuttings, seedlings etc.

This is behind the greenhouse, I had these up in the loft not doing anything so I thought I would use them to store pots under and plants on top.
Gives me more room behind the shed.

Oh, it also kept me warm sweeping up the leaves (putting them in my leafmould bins) and generally having a tidy since the ground is to hard.

They all now have a home.

Mind you I did manage to pot up 25 cheap tulips in a pot and 2 allium Gladiators and 1 Dracunculus vulgaris. Bulbs at the moment are cheap cheap cheap. One garden centre they are all half priced the other they are a pound each bag.

They may be alright for this year they may not but at only a pound, they are worth a go.

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It looked just like mine at the beginning ! what a difference afterwards well done ., I must start on mine ....:o)

4 Jan, 2009


You were brave to go out in that icy weather.
It's no good me buying more bulbs - I haven't planted all the ones I've got yet

4 Jan, 2009


Great stuff, TandT! I really like the greenhouse and water butts.

4 Jan, 2009


You've been working very hard T&T, I'm like you, back to work tomorrow ... all good things come to an end :-(

4 Jan, 2009


Yes...back to work.....

4 Jan, 2009


Thankyou for answering a question I never asked lol.I purchased a selection of bulbs from xmas bazaar and wondered about potting them up for this year, just so clever this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Jan, 2009


well done you Trees, i had a bit of a sort out myself last week, still lots more to do though, loads of bags of rubish everywhere from my various projects, it's just getting round to sorting it all out really. was hoping to get out and do a bit this week, now that Brooke will be back to school today, but it's snowing ! lol ..........oh wait a miniute... is that the sun i see peeking out!....fingers crossed!

5 Jan, 2009


Well done, when the weather was so bad last summer, towards the end of it, i decided to give my shed a good clean & tidy, as could'nt get out in the rain, but in winter i'm inclined if i need to put any thing in the shed i usually open the door drop it in , then cloae the door & straight back indoors where its warm, so my shed is nearly back to normal, so when it gets a bit warmer i'll have to to get out & tidy it up again.

5 Jan, 2009


Yep mines a bit like that Clarice lol

5 Jan, 2009


Great Work T&T mines still looking like your 1st Pic :/ But when weathers warmer i 2 will be outside doing what needs2be done & Yes Clarice & Ang My Sheds Bursting 2get Out The Door2 lol :D

5 Jan, 2009


Finished work early and went outside today, far to cold. The ice I tipped out of a bucket yesterday didn't even bother to melt it was that cold. Mind you I have just seen the weather and I haven't got any snow.

I think snow should fall stay on the ground and then at 4pm it should all melt away again. That way it looks lovely, the kids get to play in it and then it's gone.

I feel for all of you with snow at the moment.

5 Jan, 2009

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