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Fairies to entertain. Where should they live?


Raining all day today, the Christmas shopping all done and my wife was wrapping up the bought gifts.

I was busy in the garage making Fairy doors.
I aquired an old pallet the other week, so I set about making a fairy door which will be positioned down near my pond.

Fairies need somewhere to live so I thought the hedgehogs are being looked after what about the Fairies?

3 peices of old pallet wood and some screws.
A quick trip to a well known DIY store and…..

One Fairy door.
A couple of hinges, wood stain and an old cupboard handle. All I need now is to take it to the bottom of the garden and see who moves in.

I allready have an order to make one for my mum.

Dec 14th. I have just tried a few positions around the garden with the new Fairy door. 24 in all but I have narrowed it down to three.

I would like it if everyone could give me their opinion as to where I should make it, it’s rightful home. I would have to make it look more natural so that when my two little neices visit they are struck with amazement that I have Fairies in my garden.
Position one through to three are in order below.

Let me know as to where it would look the best.
Like I say I shall make it look as if it has been there for years. Once the final position has been decided.

“Every time you say you don’t believe in fairies, a fairy dies.” – Peter Pan

Majeekahead this is to show you how easy these are to make.

I have been in the garage this afternoon. One is for my mother, one is for my 5 year old niece the others are going to either go in my garden or a car boot sale. I still have plenty of wood to keep messing around with.

This is where the Fairies live by the pond.

Thanks for youre help as to where the door should go. I think the Fairies will be happiest here.

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What a lovely idea, T& sure to post a photo of it in place in your garden. Might you get a picture of a fairy too? :)

13 Dec, 2008


I will and lets hope so.

13 Dec, 2008


Looks really cute :o)

13 Dec, 2008


That looks fabulous T&T. It will be great in the bottom of your garden. Please post pics when you have it set up. :o)

13 Dec, 2008


How clever of you, good luck with the fairies....

13 Dec, 2008


awwww..I love your little fairie doors...I will have to find a way to make fairy doors stuff...! Gilli, Gf should have some of those in his garden for us..huh!

14 Dec, 2008


Great i think it looks good in any of the places you have put it , but i like the top photo.

14 Dec, 2008


Lovely idea. I do like the leaves partly covering door in the 2nd photo but the sculpture hovering above does not appear fairy friendly.

14 Dec, 2008


I agree with Clarice - that fern frond makes a beautiful porch. Number three would make a grand home for Rattie (Wind in the Willows) The sculpture in two looks like a fairy eater though the euonymous makes a great door frame.

14 Dec, 2008


Number 2 would be my choice.

14 Dec, 2008


I like the first one, as well. Young children will love this!

14 Dec, 2008


I like the first one! It looks magical and will certainly capture the imagination. Brilliant idea.

14 Dec, 2008


1 or 2 would find it hard to decide, but all look good, maybe you should make another 2? I really love this idea Trees, what a fantasic project, Brooke would love this, i was thinking about getting/making some little fairy houses to put in my woodland bed, have'nt come up with anything yet, i may just pinch this idea if you don't mind? she very much believes they are down there, - it's a great bribery when she is being naughty, especially this time of year. lol

14 Dec, 2008


What a brilliant blog. Well done I shall be instructing sleeping partner at a later date {let him get over Christmas 1st}

14 Dec, 2008


I have a question.

Do you think people would buy one of these at a garden show?

I've made these for my family but my wife thinks that she would have bought one at a garden show had she seen them.

What do you guy's think?

14 Dec, 2008


Oh yes i would buy one! - are you taking orders lol

15 Dec, 2008


I would buy one T&T. I think they're great.
I still like the third photo by the way. I think it looks very natural next to the pond.

15 Dec, 2008


I like the one by the pond.

16 Dec, 2008


I like it best in pic 1, as there is other wood around. Could you not stand it against the base of a tree trunk? I like the overhanging fern, too. Adds a touch of magical mystery.
Aah - Peter Pan - does anyone really ever "grow up"?

Brilliant idea, Treesand things!

16 Dec, 2008


I like number 2 where it looks all tucked in and natural. A little fairy figure hidden in amongst the greenery near that door would peak interest also...what a wonderful idea...I have collected a few fairy figurines for my garden when it becomes a bit more mature...

19 Dec, 2008


what a great idea...

20 Dec, 2008


no2 my fav and as for Grumpy Face at back maybe he is their guardian..........

20 Dec, 2008


oh i looked at these on ebay, 9.99 each! must get hubby in the garage lots of wood my grandaughter loves fairies especially Tinkerbell so i would love one in my garden. No.2 is my favourite too it just looks right to me. I would certainly buy one T&T, anywhere near Lincolnshire LOL?

5 Jan, 2009


Love the idea and yes this grandma will make her own if she has to. (I do have a brother that could whip it up in half the time though)

# 2 is my choice.

15 Jan, 2009


number 2 is a good spot, lovedyour blog and i do think that people would buy the fairy doors, I would if I could

1 Jul, 2009


Thanks Pondlady, the doors do sell, but I only make them when asked, to date it's a couple of dozen.

There are some other photos on my sight showing where they are, one of them has got a fantastic stone elf called Alf nrxt to it. Another one, a round one is by the pond.

2 Jul, 2009


Why don`t you sell some put me top of the list x

23 Jan, 2015

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