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Quick tour part 3 Pond to Willow dome


This one is working.

From the wildlife pond (having watched spring watch last year) at the bottom of the garden, up the path greenhouse on the right shed on the left.
A small Acer on the left after the shed, Willow tree on the right, with dahlias around it’s base. The gravel ditch was installed to aid drainage, the gunnera loves it.

Tree ferns to the right, lawn straight ahead pass the equisetum on the left and right.

Willow dome, is now 2 yrs old and thriving.


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Lovely..... so exotic and the wow factor is there!.Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.
Best wishes from Grenville and Alan.

11 Aug, 2008


Have you checked out quick tour part 2 ?

11 Aug, 2008


That's excellent. I really liked it. Well done for learning the technology.

12 Aug, 2008


Thanks for letting us see the rest of your garden. I like the tree ferns, too! You can't see the weeds mentioned on the previous tour - don't worry! :-) Only problem with videos on our PC is that they often 'stick' and freeze the whole thing so I have to log out of GOY and log back in! What a pain! Does anyone else have this problem?

12 Aug, 2008


Hi Spritz, maybe you don`t have a powerful enough graphics card to handle the video?

12 Aug, 2008


That all sounds far to technical for me ,I will just enjoy watching it . thanks

12 Aug, 2008


oh how lovely , really love the exotic feel of the gunnera and the tree ferns, and I've been thinking about a willow den for my boys its inspired me even more,
thanks for the privalige of looking round your garden

12 Aug, 2008


Yes Spritz we have the same problem as you- the video 'sticks and freezes' and unfortunately 'Youtube' looses some of the quality as well.It's an old problem with the youtube facility.We really need a better format for showing videos on this site.

12 Aug, 2008


I am not techie - so Andrea, I'm afraid I don't know about graphics cards! Just feel frustrated about the videos and having to log off and back in again! I think I'll stick with the lovely photos that don't cause me any problems and I can sit and gaze at them, too!

12 Aug, 2008

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