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Hampton court Sat 12 July.


First off it only rained for about 5 mins late in the afternoon.

10 o’clock the gates opened, we collected our tickets and joined the sea of garden’oholicks and all surged forward. Well ambled and meandered as we are gardeners not festival goers.

It was big! Having never been to Hampton court before I was amazed at the foot fall of the place, lots of nurserys, tents, marquees, traders, toilets and food stalls. although the latter was as usual expensive for what you got. £5.00 for a sausage in a roll? £6.00+ for a baguette and a drink. (at this price I expect a servant to come and eat it for me). We found some sandwiches that were half the price.

The gardens were all fantastic, even the concept ones.

Having taken part in building a show garden several years ago I can sympathize with all that had been involved.

The trade stalls were good for a look around allthough I did get slightly grumpy when we found ourselves in the country living marquee. I felt there was an awful lot of “I saw you coming”. Tat is what I call it. The sort of stuff that people dont need and you dont go out to buy. People trying to sell bit’s of wood that if it was in my garden it would have been on the bonfire.
When my wife spoke to me I blamed my cold for the mood I was in.
I found my self struggling for survival as I had to escape the scarf stall, narrowly missing the flowery bunting stall, ducking past the pretend shabby chic traders ( i won’t tell you what I call it) and running for the opening before the holiday cottage people could get me.

Then it was back to the gardens and why we had come to Hampton court.

It was a good day out and the plants were fantastic, I managed to get another Banana, a Tetrapanax papyrifer, a rose that my wife had seen in Grace Kelly’s garden in Monaco along with 3 more cactus (she is addicted to these).

Well organised event by the RHS, I would rate it higher than Chelsea.

As the Garlic man said on TV the other night, “It’s a garden show for gardeners”

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Glad you had a good day.The photos are lovely, and as you stated, the show is huge----- we had to be very selective about what we wanted to see when we last visited Hampton Court. Unfortunately we were unable to get to see the show this year although I thought the highlights were interesting on television, but its much better seeing the 'real thing'.
I agree that it is a garden show for gardeners.

12 Jul, 2008


Sounds as if your cold came in useful then, to blame a grumpy mood on, lol.
Looks a good show from your pictures, glad you didn't get much rain.

13 Jul, 2008


Glad you enjoyed the day. I've been looking at the photo of cacti trying to choose which ones I'd like to buy, but after deciding I'd have wanted them all I moved on to the rest of the blog. Anyway I suppose these were only on show, not for sale.

13 Jul, 2008


Speaking as someone who doesn't see British TV, who is the "garlic man"?

13 Jul, 2008


sounds like you had a good day despite having a cold and those folk trying to sell folk any aul thing. im glad you escaped their clutches lol.great photos.

13 Jul, 2008


So how many plants were you tempted to buy, apart from those you come home with? Glad you had a good day and that the weather was kind. Hope you are feeling better. P.S. I don't know who the garlic man is, either!

13 Jul, 2008


The 'Garlic man' was given a feature on the television highlights about Hampton Court Flower Show last Friday evening and also earlier in the week..He operates a nursery that specialises in growing and selling Garlic. He also won a medal at the show this year for his fantastic display of the different varieties of Garlic.

13 Jul, 2008


Sorry, when thay showed Hampton Court on TV during the week, Joe Swift was talking to the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm. The gentleman there was asked why he didn't take part at chelsea. His answer was simple "the garlic isn't ready plus Hampton court is for gardeners".

Having been to Chelsea there are an awful lot of people (celeb's etc) who want to be seen there as it's on their social calender shall we say. They are no more gardeners or even worse interested in gardens as I am a spaceman.
Because of this the price is really expensive.

Hampton court has plenty of Nurserys with stock that you can purchase there and then.
Definately worth putting it down on you're own social calender for next year.

13 Jul, 2008


Great blog & pics Treesandthings, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit :o) I went last year and really enjoyed it. I completely agree about the "I saw you coming" stalls but they're easily ignored. What I liked most was finding something that really surprised me and challenged my opinions - last year it was the conifer garden which was fab!

13 Jul, 2008

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