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It arrived today.


Well it arrived today.
What arrived I hear you all ask with wonder.
My correspondence course.

I’ve decide to do the RHS level 2. I’m doing it with The Horticultural Correspondence College, Corsham, Wiltshire. I’m hoping to complete it with in17months. I say 17 as they give you 18months to do the course.

Obviously there is course work that you have to submit to get marked etc. They give you feedback and advice, and are at the end of a phone / email. To be honest I’ve only read the info that came with the course it all looks a bit daunting. I’m determined to complete the course and sit the two exams, even though you do get the option if you want to sit the exams. They cost extra though.
Some reasons for completing the course, are:
1. I’ve paid up front.
2. I dont like not finishing things
3. It is something I enjoy although this is going to be going a little deeper as at the moment my gardening is purley a love/passion.
4. I would love a career in horticulture once I finish the job I’m in at the moment.
5. It’s always good to keep learning and get some relevant qualifications behind you, if you are planning a career change like myself.

I shall keep you all informed as to how I get on, and possible ask for some advice, every now and then.
I’m now going to start reading the study notes for lesson one which is, The Plant -Classification, Structure and Function.
All 173 pages and thats with out the reccomended reading list.

Back to school.

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I wish you ALL the good luck in the world. I'm sure you'll enjoy the course. If you're passionate about something the best thing you can do is broaden your knowledge about it. I hope your career is successful.

12 Jun, 2008


Well done - you did get your spurs on, didn't you! Hope it goes well. I wonder if you've got the same tutor as I have?

12 Jun, 2008


good for you,, its always good to learn something new, even better if its something you really enjoy either for a career or as a hobby. we will be all looking to you for advice as the mts go on lol.

12 Jun, 2008


Thanks for the supportive comments. As soon as I've got myself into the groove (so to speak) and finished the first bit of course work I shall let you know Spritz. As I dont find out until the first lesson is marked.

12 Jun, 2008


Very best wishes for your course. Let us know how it goes.

12 Jun, 2008


You have listed very valid reasons to finish this endeavor! When you are feeling overwhelmed, or questioning why you are taking this on, read that list back to yourself. Learning is always a good thing, good luck!

13 Jun, 2008


Good luck with your course, hope it all goes well, let us know how you get on.

13 Jun, 2008


All the best with the course. Is it the same one as Spritz?

14 Jun, 2008


No - I didn't want to get a qualification at the end of mine. So I went for a more relevant to me 'garden-and-flower' type of course. It's still challenging, though, I haven't studied for years! Good for the brain.

14 Jun, 2008


I take my hat off to both of you and shall be interested in your experiences as both courses progress. :-)

15 Jun, 2008

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