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My wet weekend 10-06-2009


Hi Folks
Well here we are again, I did say that I was going up on to the Pennines for a radio contest, and help set up the station, well it was quite an experience this time, as we had the force of the storm to contend with, on the Saturday it had started raining at 10-00hrs when I left home, where I had to go was only 10 miles away but a 1000ft up in the Pennines in quite a different place to be as it is nice and open and the winds blow stronger, when I finally arrived at the farm site that we use, the wind was blowing I would reckon at 60 – 70 mph and added to that rain coming down almost in sheets, but as you say the task has to be carried out so we got on our wet weather gear and proceeded to get the aerials in place, luckily they had managed to erect the main aerial the day before, that was up at 65 ft high, and well guyed down, but even with the weather against us we still done it 4 hrs, so not bad going under those conditions, unfortunately one of the seams in my waterproofs split so I had a few drops of the wet stuff down my back soaking my tee shirt, sweater and the waistband of my jeans, so it was a case of getting back home and having a nice hot shower, on the sunday I returned to the station and the weather was not much better even though the winds had almost died down, and when the station finally closed down at 16-00 hrs it was still raining so it was decided to move the radio equipment out, and dismantle the aerials the following day, the monday was quite different as the sun was really hot and we were able to take the aerials down at ease and enjoy the nice weather, even though the weather was bad the operators scored higher points this year, but they don’t think we won the contest but that we somewhere near the top five,, so looking at it overall I had quite enjoyable weekend even if I couldn’t go out in the garden, so I am going to post some pictures of a bigger garden this time complete with some views of what we were doing, and some pictures of Mother Natures Garden, hope the website owners don’t mind, it won’t take all the pictures so I will have to post some more tomorrow.

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