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Encouraged as I was by the comments and support left by my last blog (yesterday) and having far too much time on my hands whilst waiting for my prospective new job to kick in (hopefully) I thought I’d give a little more insight, at this stage I welcome absolutely anything, even my deserved tellings off for Pansy bashing.

I appologise to the Pansy nation, to those who’s lives have been effected by my insensitive scrawlings and to the citizens of the nation. Ask not what Pansies can do for you, but what you can do for Pansies.

Again, I really mean no offence I’m just a heavily sarcastic person hoping to bring a grin to all those eager faces out there. But enough about Pansies…

As you can see I’v included the unsightly images I look out at from my bedroom window, its making me cringe even allowing the images to leak onto the internet. I hope that tomorrow I will not find these photo’s have made it to headline news or I will never be able to show my face in my local again. Please dear reader, be kind.

For years now our back garden in the family home has been over run with pesky fluffy animals with big ears huge feet and an appetite for anything that considers muttering the word photosynthesis. The rabbit laides and gents, we kept rabbits. Generation upon generation of these fuzzy feasting furballs have fertilized, nibbled, urinated and dug through the landscape and left it in… Well not bad nick actually. The soil is good quality as its not been used other than as a giant bunny voulavent occasionally pooped on, and the back mound that used to hold a rather large apple tree became a dumping ground for all the sawdust, hay, bunny presents and anything we found turning green in the kitchen. It just happens to be left in a pile ontop of overgrown weeds and incredibly long dead grass and its now like when you’ve left several necklaces in a pile in your jewelry box and you really want to untangle them but without using principles of chaos theory and an infinite amount of patience the outlook is bleak.

Lets leave that bit to the boys eh?

I’v removed (ahem my big strong boys removed) several flag stones from infront of the unsightly garage with the blue door and dug through clay (I did help with that) for about two hours until we had a pit large enough to contain the slight possibility of incubating vegetables at some point. Just need the fresh delivery of compost from the boyfriend and we’re good to go!

The pile of breezeblocks is to become a compost heap made out of the same blocks by my father when he (ahem) gets his act together – it could be a while. So between the large mound and the compost heap is where my easter island rock garden grassy modern-ish area will be.

Tell you what, how about I just draw up a few plans and let you figure it out for yourselves!!!

Also in the photo’s, my baby tropicals!

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Tigerlilly....I don't think anyone took offense at your pansy ramblings....I certainly didn't. :o)
I have a compost made out of breeze blocks too....It works really well but the compost likes to leak out the holes when ever I turn it. Makes life interesting.
What are your baby tropicals? I've started some frangipanis and some adenium from seed that are coming along nicely.

5 Mar, 2009


No offense here either. I just like to say what I think.
I make compost in plastic rubbish bins that I've put holes in. I hope you'll show us photos of your baby tropicals as they grow up.

5 Mar, 2009


Oh I will be adding photo's as I go the tallest one is a dutchman's pipe and the not as tall one is an aussie firewheel, both are thriving extreemly well! and thanks for the note about leeky breezeblocks I will mention this to my father and hopefully we can fill as many cracks as possible!

5 Mar, 2009


Dont fill in too many cracks TL...they are useful to let air get to the sides of the compost and let it rot down quicker.

5 Mar, 2009


PANSY'S RULE> ..... But, like you, not in my garden!!!

10 Mar, 2009

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