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I thought I’d add a post in here, as its good to find a blog with some actual readers! I’ve just started my own garden blog, though its pretty sad to log in every time just to see that little bit that just says “Followers: 1”. It doesn’t give me the best motivation to actully get moving on my garden-regeneration-project. So, why not announce it here too, thus making me less likely to give up!

On the 3rd day, God commanded the earth to bring forth grass, plants and fruit bearing trees. Unfortunately, subsequent millennia have been rather less kind to a certain patch of ground in South London. Namely, the postage-stamp-sized ‘garden’ at the back of my house. Unless you were to measure success by a thistle count, in which case it’d be right up there.
When I googled ‘How to set up a blog’ told me to find my expert niche, and to define a goal. A goal, I can do: to turn an 8m x 8m patch of SE1 into a mini Eden, by this time next year. That is, if the definition of Eden can ignore ‘Big Petrol Station’ and ‘Permanently Busy Road’, which loom behind it, wherefrom noise pollusion and occasional whiffs of petrol… I’ll remain optimistic that it can.

In the course of my blogging research I also read Seth Godin’s blog – a list of advice on how to write one. Like, he tells me to share expert knowledge and to become an authoritative source. He advises short, pithy posts, not about my kids. In the same list, though, he recommends long, definitive posts. About my kids. Preferably in Chinese.

So, with apologies to Seth, and to, and by way of introduction:
I am not an expert; quite the opposite. I can offer this summer’s experience of grow-bagged tomato plants, a runner bean tepee and a rather abortive attempt at a courgette. I will not write about my kids (I have none) or in Chinese (I have no ability). I do have three housemates (with varying levels of interest in the plot), and a growing obsession with my garden.

In the next year I plan to discover if it really is possible to be a successful gardener in South London, and I would welcome ideas, advice, sympathy and grass seed. I don’t welcome pessimism or thistles.

So the project is launched! Let there be garden, and let it grow, let it grow, let it grow…

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Welcome. There is a wealth of ideas on here. Just look at everyone elses gardens via there pics and pinch the best bits that will work for you.

12 Oct, 2009


Well the enthusiasm's there so you should succeed. Some of the environment is against you, but it can be amazing just how resiliant nature can be. Yes SE1 is as urban as you can get - used work there some years ago.
I for one am really looking forward to seeing how your little garden progresses, so better get busy taking photo's for us.
A big welcome to this great gardening site, lots of good advice here and encouragement.
Good luck Thistlewhileyouwork. (like the name)

12 Oct, 2009


Hi, and welcome from me. as well! I can't type out that long name every time (I DO like it, though!) I shall have to call you 'Thistle' or something. :-)

12 Oct, 2009


Welcome from me too TWYW (I'm lazy too!) Don't worry about how to go about blogging, none of us are experts, we just talk about gardening (loosely) and have fun along the way. Good luck with the garden, you know where to come if you've any questions. Don't think any of us can speak, or type, Chinese either! Lol

12 Oct, 2009


Hello Thistle and welcome,wanting to do something about your garden is a start and you do sound keen. good luck with it, i look forward to seeing how you get on.......

12 Oct, 2009


An amusing read TWYW. Strikes me, if you're sharing a rented property with flatmates, you'll be the only one who's bothered about what happens in the garden...;-))
Sounds like a reasonably sized patch of garden though - should be possible to do something really nice with it and experiment a bit.

13 Oct, 2009

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