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What to grow up the walls?


Hi All

Do any of you out there, have any suggestions of what I can grow up the 2 tall walls to help soften them. They look a little stark at the moment. I am on chalk.


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Hello TOG.
It might help members to know whether you're able to put trellis or wires in front of the walls to help support any climbers.

For all year green I would be suggesting lovely Garrya elliptica James Roof "JR" from my recent photo. :o) My JR is now about 8 feet high and evergreen with handsome tassels.

You would need to check suitability of chalk. I've heard that JR should not be in too much sun, but mine is south facing against a trellis/fence and thrives. I know you've seen the photo.

I hope this helps. I'm sure members will have lots of other suggestions.

Terra x

22 Feb, 2009


Good Afternoon TOG

I would like to suggest the following plants for your wall dilemma.


Hope this was helpful.
Kind regards
Sue B

22 Feb, 2009


Thanks both Terra & Sue B. Happy to use trellis or wires.


22 Feb, 2009


Clematis? honeysuckle or a Jasmine for scent, climbing i envy you a wall!!!

22 Feb, 2009


Climbing Roses and Clematis always a good combination.....

22 Feb, 2009


The Hedera "buttercup" is slower growing and manageable.Alternatively passion flower would look good and the purple blooms would complement your brickwork.

Actinidia Kolomikta would lend itself to training,although not self clinging.

22 Feb, 2009


Climbing roses and honeysuckle would be my first choices. :o)

23 Feb, 2009


another good one is the climbing hydranga, though it is deciduous it doesnt damange the brick, its a self clinger and doesnt damage sound mortar. we have one 15ft up the side of the house. consider pyracantha, it can be trained and you can always grow contrasting flowered clematis through what you do plant, or a clematis that flowers before/after the primary plant.

23 Feb, 2009


Like Seaburngirl, i would suggest the climbing hydrangea...they are such a beautiful climber with the panicles of white flowers late summer. I have planted a Vine this past week against my south facing wall....Vitis coignetiae with large heart shaped leaves, and wonderful Autumn colour and small blue/black grapes. The young leaves just opening are a warm peach colour. On my North facing wall I have a Virginia Creeper which is just budding up and clings to the wall by small suckers.
These 3 climbers are deciduous, leaving a network of branches which could be used by early Spring climbers such as Clematis Wisley Cream or Cirrhosa Freckles which are in bloom from December.

22 Mar, 2009


Thank you all for your suggestions. I have just recieved 2 climbing roses 'Albertine'. Janey, thank you for the vine idea, something to think about.

23 Mar, 2009


Mmmm.....Albertine is a beautiful climber and will look lovely against the pretty brick....:o)

24 Mar, 2009

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