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Ok so as you know i keep reverting back to the dell to do some more improvements, but this is it now for a while… too much other stuff to do around the garden.

First off i had to move two small palm trees as they werent achieving anything where they were, hidden by the towering bamboo that is dominant in this area. I put one either side of the jetty, cant wait for the Gunneras to come up underneath them… looking forward to seeing the contrast between the two ! Have also dug up some bamboo and moved it to try to create a screen behind the bench. There is a public footpath that runs alongside the garden and in the winter when there is no foliage you can see straight through.

There are also hundreds of bulbs coming up all around the banks of the dell, and I have replanted some Skimmia, about 30 on one bank, and am awaiting some Hypericum, about 50 or so to plant along one bank. All clay soil as well so you can imagine how much fun. Anyway, thats enough about the dell, have more pics to share.

So we have an area of land outside the front of the house on the roadside, and a small area under the weeping ash tree on the weeping ash lawn which are covered in beautiful colours at the moment thanks to the hundreds of crocusses that have decided to put in an appearance.

Last year was rubbish, really disappointing for my customer… AND FOR ME ! They were put in by a previous gardener so i cannot take the credit but compared to last year the change is unbelievable. I fed them with some bonemeal in November, just scattered on the top and watered in, and then the same again in late January.

Heres the weeping ash tree picture.

Have some other pics to show another time, as at the moment we are totally transforming the cut flower garden, this has been a huge project as there are 14 beds approximately 5ft by 20ft each. Keeping the usual two for sunflowers. Heres a sneak preview… watch this space !

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Need to invest in a better camera, after i’ve bought a new lawnmower… its tough out there for us gardeners!!!

Thanks for your time

Much Love TLG

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Wow, that's a great garden, but how do you manage with the workload? You say (nonchalantly) that you've 'moved' bamboo but it sounds like hard work to me. Is the last pic of a veg plot? It's an unusual garden and looks like a nice place to relax amongst the jungle-type planting. I like it but I'm not sure about the crocus in straight lines, were they planted by the former occupiers?

16 Mar, 2010


I agree with Heron, of it being a Jungle-type Garden. It must take up most
of your time. It is so different..Do you get much sun amid all those large
Bamboo and Palms? I do love the way you have designed your decking
to lead to lovely places to sit, relax and day-dream.
I can visualise a Tiger walking into your type of Garden setting ; >))))
Love your Weeping Ash pic........Very nice tlg

16 Mar, 2010


'George' would be happy in there :-))) me too!

16 Mar, 2010


Hi Heron/Freesiaperson. Its a 2 acre garden always plenty to do... no, not mine I just look after it. Feel free to browse my other blogs/pictures. Everything on my entire blog is just one garden. I should put up a map to give you all a birdseye plan of the layout. The 'jungle' is in the top left corner away from the house. Gets plenty of sun and because it is like the dip in the valley this offers protection from the extreme winds. The other picture you enquired about is the Cut Flower Garden... an area we are developing to supply cut-flowers to the house all year round. See my next blog soon to follow. Also the crocuses do make the lawn seem very formal out the front of the property... I didnt plant it, but i quite like it. The great thing is, once they've finished, i cut the grass and forget about them till September... give em a feed, and they love it !!!

Lol. Happy Gardening.


16 Mar, 2010


looks great and as said a heck of alot of work there but guess its your passion, ive just bourght black bamboo and was warned it will take over, do you find this happens. so im thinking of a large planter burried in the ground to stop it taking over the new area :o)

16 Mar, 2010


Great garden, very unusual.

Sanbaz - Beware of bamboo - it seems well behaved for a few years and then BANG! its coming up everywhere - within a radius of about 2 - 3 metres. We rue the day we ever bought it. Its not black bamboo - on my pictures. Pleioblastus I think. The roots go down for a couple of feet

16 Mar, 2010


Hi Sanbaz/RachelsMum.

I have to agree if you have a small- medium garden and you dont want bamboo to take over, keep it in a pot submerged in the ground. (This is still no guarantee !) A lot of this has been in place for about 8 years now, and it is a nightmare to dig up... especially in this clay soil. We have three types in here, the green, the yellow, and a small amount of black, Phyllostachys nigra. This part of the garden is designed to be the jungle, effectively having to machete your way through it. Have removed a lot of Carex pendula from around the log in the centre-piece which has sort of opened up the middle a little bit now.

Rachelsmum, ur right about the roots... not a job for anyone with a disposition, lol.x

17 Mar, 2010

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