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When is Autumn?


I visited Hergest Croft Garden Fair last Sunday and it got me wondering…? We all know that summer passes into autumn somewhere around September-ish; but what is it that tells us that autumn has finally arrived? When do we know that the season is upon us? How do we know?
For me it’s not just the falling of leaves…

…but the shapes and patterns that form as they gather on the ground.

The way they fit snugly round tree roots,

or cloak the ground as if preparing for the cold days ahead.

And it’s not just leaves that fall.
Fruit, too, drops from its heavenly height and lies in prickly state…

…or smooth.

Some do not fall at all but hang high above us in glorious hues of golds…

…and reds

And as our eyes are swept upwards,

we note the great papery swirls of peeling bark.

Autumn too means wrap-around colours…

…and flowers…

…and branches laden with berries.

Autumn sunlight highlights the moisture in the air,

giving a misty,

moisty feel…

…with glimpses of gold through the shadows.

There’s that peculiar autumnal light that picks out detail…

…or highlights it as shadow.

But the most profound statement that autumn brings; that makes me feel as though summer is receding and winter has yet to arrive; is the feeling of rest; of quiet contemplation.

The feeling that it’s OK, in fact essential in this ‘hard-working’ society of ours, to sit down, relax and drink in the wonderful vistas that tell us…

…that autumn is finally here.

The End

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What a beautiful blog. I love the autumn. It's a time to unwind and relax, and to enjoy the colours and warm days when we have them.
It's a time to look back at the spring and summer just gone, and also to look forward to a well deserved winter's rest, and the spring to come later on.

17 Oct, 2016


I enjoyed this blog, the pictures and the nice warm story of the autumn.

17 Oct, 2016


I love this blog, the photos are excellent too.

17 Oct, 2016


This is really really beautiful - you have such an eye for a picture! The maple is specially lovely. You're right about the shadows - the sun being lower in the sky subtly changes everything. (And its getting chillier...)

17 Oct, 2016


Very poetic....lovely blog.

17 Oct, 2016


You've captured the splendors of Autumn and why it's my favorite time of year. For me its about the smells too; freshly baked apple pie with coffee - the taste of Autumn.

18 Oct, 2016


Thanks for all the lovely comments; have just enjoyed a home made apple and chocolate crumble...delish!

18 Oct, 2016


how would that be with toasted walnuts?

19 Oct, 2016


What a lovely, enjoyable blog :-).

19 Oct, 2016


Thank you for this lovely blog. I so enjoyed the pics and your words too. For me auntumn is about sitting down earlier each day, getting to lock my chickens up at a reasonable hour and having time to get in my kitchen and enjoy cooking.

20 Oct, 2016


Thank you white horse I really enjoyed your blog,beautiful photos I love Autumn.

20 Oct, 2016


Beautiful photos White Horse, and lovely thoughtful words to go with it too - many thanks for making me smile :)

21 Oct, 2016


P.S. Added to favourites!

23 Oct, 2016


Gorgeous blog WH! Thank you for bringing it to us.

15 Nov, 2016

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