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By taz


hi everyone this is my first blog ever, so here goes. I have been a member since may 2011, still not sure about one or two things , do I reply when someones sends me a message to say that they have added me to their favourites, if I should have, then I do apologize for not doing garden is not looking it best at the moment everything as grown too tall and very little colour, everything seems to be late this year. because of the resent weather I have,not been able to get into the garden very much and so I have been visiting more open gardens then ever. I really need a garden fix every week, this week it was tatton park flower show ,had a great day ,and came home with only one plant, the look on my husbands face said it all.but I think he knows I make up for it next time.that’s all for now hope I haven,t bored you too much . taz

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Hi Taz. I don't think I've seen you before, but my powers of observation are diminishing with age ...
It is not compulsory for you to send a message when someone adds you to their favs. However, I do because I think it's polite, .... but that's just me. I don't think anyone would repremand you for not doing it.
Most gardens seem to have little colour this year. Mine is overgrown and weedy lol and it's getting on my nerves. I hope this summery weather will last a while. I want to get on with things.
I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed Tatton Park and bought a plant. Only one ? lol Never mind - as you say, there's next time :o)

23 Jul, 2012


Hi Taz, lovely to hear from you,. I don't write many blogs but really enjoy reading others and commenting. Everyone takes part in different ways and occasionally go off topic which is fun especially on some of the grim grey days we've had!. You're not alone finding it hard to get out there, it hasn't been a year to be enthusiastic.......folk have lost lovely plants to flooding, disease and the pesky pests......., all this rain should hopefully make for lovely trees and year?. :0)

23 Jul, 2012


Hi Taz great to hear from you I'm the same I don't write
many blogs but love reading others and sometimes leaving a comment .Has'nt it been awful this year it's more like jungle gardening than anything else hopefully thing will improve ..........glad you enjoyed Tatton show
and the willpower to only buy 1 plant !!!!!!! still as you say there is always another day lol:o))

23 Jul, 2012


Hi Taz,
I'm new to all this too, so glad to hear someone else is finding their feet.
I live in New Zealand and it is our winter, so I can definitely sympathise with you in feeling despondent!
I have no idea what Tatton show is, but I like to hang out at garden centres, and very rarely do I leave without a plant :)

23 Jul, 2012


welome to blogging taz!! and welcome to GoY Teresa!

my garden seems to have grown masses of weeds and im sure i have planted nearly everything in the wrong place but never mind, i like being busy!!!

have a look at Teegee's latest blog teresa and taz ~ he has some brilliant photos of the Tatton show.

23 Jul, 2012


Hi Taz! Good to read your blog.....I also don't write many blogs but do enjoy posting photos and reading all the members'comments.have learnt so much since joining.The photo of your steps is so attractive and the pot a real focal point.

23 Jul, 2012


Hello, Taz. I don't blog or post pics often, either, but I enjoy reading and looking, getting ideas for new plants, especially.
I'm thoroughly fed up with my garden this season, too. It's very green but not much else. Slugs everywhere. Ah, well .............

23 Jul, 2012


At least we only get slugs Oji.... Abrayton from Wyoming found a rattlesnake in hers the other day.. ugh!

23 Jul, 2012


........and others get deer and rabbits and porcupines. So, yes, Pam, in the scheme of things, I really shouldn't be complaining.

23 Jul, 2012


I feel really guilty about complaining about my garden when so many have had the floods to contend with,I can soon plant another plant with out to much fuss. I still curse the weather though, and feel a little sorry for myself

23 Jul, 2012


welcome to Goy, get some pics on : )

26 Jul, 2012


I've just found this, Taz, and your photos. I love your pond, and the urn at the top of the steps. I hope you continue to enjoy GoY!

30 Jul, 2012

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