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I've been away...


By tatia


…for a very long time! Shortly after I began blogging here, my life went haywire and I had little time for anything. My garden became neglected and my blog forgotten.

Recently, I have determined that if you use the excuse of being too busy or too tired or too stressed then life will pass you by, weeds will grow and your soul will wither. A love of gardening and plants has never deserted me. I now am the Manager of a very busy full day nursery and I have established a strong culture of gardening with staff and children. It was just my own garden that fell by the way.

In fact, my untended garden was a metaphor for my own well-being. I worked long hard hours at work and came home to work some more at the computer or reading up on sector issues.

And one day earlier this year, I noticed lovely allium bulbs sprouting up through the tangled mess of overgrown plants and intrusive weeds, like a living exclamation point. It shouted to me, ‘come and see what you’re missing!’ I got excited all over again.

My garden is not a patch on others I have seen here and it is still in early stages. I have much, much to do but I have a plan! Below are some photos I thought you might find interesting. I hope you will see a real transformation soon. :-)

I have always wanted raised beds. I love the height, the way they can be used to frame or divide, the visual interest they give a garden. This is a photo of the bed when we put it in beginning of June, with just a bush tomato, some cukes on the arch and a lonely pepper plant. :-)

This is the bed today, with addition of cheerful and energetic cosmos (I looove these hardworking flowers so much!) and assorted others. My garden is very long and somewhat narrow so the idea is this bed, plsu an arch (that the cukes are growing up) and another raised bed on the opther side of the arch will separate one outdoor room from another.

My herb wheel, filled with luscious lettuce, radishes, chives, different thymes, angelica, greek basil, oregano and bay. I harvest from this wheel often for use in the kitchen.

Is there anything tastier than a homegrown cucumber, freshly picked? I actually woke up in the middle of the night, craving a taste of one! :-)

We went to Hyde Hall flower show on 4th August, 2013 and I think I was very restrained! I could have spent so much more! Thank heavens for the plant crèche, lol.

My leggy little flower, Seraphina, all grown up at 9y. She’s the one in my profile picture, can you believe it??

I hatched some eggs at Nursery and Seri fell in love with the chicks, who spent the weekends with us. This is Nugget. We are now hatching quail eggs and I reckon I’m keeping them this time!

Seraphina’s cottage. Bless my husband, he thought it was pre-fab but it came in millions of tiny bits and bobs!!!

The newly christened Hummingbird Cottage

Hope you have enjoyed this blog! I promise not to be such a stranger!

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Welcome back... lovely photos :o)))

7 Aug, 2013


Your garden looks good. I love cosmos too, I could not imagine my garden without them! Think of all the things you have to look forward to as your garden establishes itself. I look forward to seeing the progress.

7 Aug, 2013


lovely photos and garden and your daughter is very pretty, looking quite grown up. Love that little cottage!

7 Aug, 2013


welcome back and I am so glad you have got your own mojo back for your garden. have always found my garden to be my sanctuary when stresses at work get too much.
love the 'cottage' and what a beautiful daughter.

8 Aug, 2013

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