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Having read all the advice I was given regarding re-siting my Mums rose bush, I opted for a far simpler alternative, and I am very glad I did.
In the end, I simply weeded the rest of the front garden, potted all the flowers I could, resited some others in the back garden for now, and left the rose bush alone!
Mum had random crazy paving slabs dotted around the garden, put there so she had somewhere to stand whilst tending to her plants… I used these to put a “stone circle” around the base of the rose,( leaving room for the bush to get water to the roots) then I laid a weed barrier sheet over the rest of the garden and covered with some aggregate pebbles.
All the neighbours ( and the local kiddies) have commented on how much better the front looks now, and I have to agree.
Having seen the work I had done, my daughter snuck out to the shops and came back with some pansys for me, lovely purple and yellow flowers, and they are now potted up nicely and sitting in the front looking lovely in the sunshine.
Having made such changes, I came back indoors and was wondering what my Mum would have thought of her garden now. I wasn’t sure if she would appreciate the changes or if she would be angry with me for messing with her plants. Then the cat started to scratch at the door to go outside. As I opened the back door to let her out, a white butterfly flew in and landed on my nose, I flinched and brushed it off, and it flew away and came back and landed on me again! My leg this time. I’ve heard to look out for white feathers as messages from the spirit, but I really hope my white butterfly was a signal of approval from my Mum.
If it hadnt been for the advice and support I got on this website, I am sure I would have killed my rose bush, trying to move and pot it. So a massive thanks to everyone who helped me to make our front garden a fresh and pleasant place for us to be, whilst still maintaining respect for my Mums plants. Thank you! x

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I understand all too well. Losing your mother is a very difficult thing to handle. I have two of my mum's terracotta pots and I plant them up as well as I can to remember her and her love of flowers. I know she'd like that. I am sure your mother would appreciate your efforts, too.

24 Apr, 2009


Thats a lovely thought Susie and one I myself do believe in,it sounds great the way you have described it........

24 Apr, 2009


Some would say I'm crazy but I truly believe it was your Mum's spirit coming to reassure you in the form of the white butterfly. How wonderful. That is a moment to treasure. :o)

25 Apr, 2009


Hello Susie ~
GoY member, Panther, from Fiji, has written about superstitions and folklore in her part of the world.
See her third blog. It's very interesting and mentions the idea of butterflies visiting as spirits of deceased friends and relatives.

Your garden sounds fab. and your mother would be delighted. I have several plants and containers which came from my mother's garden after she died.

I'm currently working very hard on a fencing task, and sometimes I use tools which belonged to my Dad...

All part of the circle of life....

25 Apr, 2009


I'm glad you'r mother's rose has survived. And you mustn't feel guilty about adapting the garden to your needs and likes. We're all different.
I use paving slabs like your mum - for places to stand on so that I can reach .

25 Apr, 2009


I am so pleased for you, i have many plants from my mums garden and they ensure a living connection with her.
they are so important but they also have there natural life span too so when some are looking old/leggy i take cuttings to ensure its future.

25 Apr, 2009

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