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So much for my relaxing week off!!!


At the start of the week I had so much planned, finish the bathroom, go out for a couple of days, do a bit of shopping (mostly at the garden centre). Monday started to finish tiling in bathroom husband came home about 10.30 That was it for the rest of the day. Tuesday ‘shall we go out for the day luv?’ Yeh OK I’ll be home about 10.30 gotta work first. !0.30 and he was home. Went to make a sandwich and a cup of coffee for him, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ on the sofa. 2pm do you still want to go out… mmmm let me think, gotta start diner about 4ish. Another day down the drain.
Wednesday.7.30am. Picked sister up to go and see mum. Nice early start as sis wanted to get back home for Wimbledon. So sis got the window cleaning job, I got the bit of garden no-one likes digging. In between the Irises, matted grass, solid clay ground. 4 hours later the border was cleared and tidy. (Not to mention sore hands, a broken nail, very red shoulders and one hell of a backache).
Got the camera out and took some photo’s of the plants in the garden. For 85 years old my mum has a lovely garden and she says it keeps her fit. FIT is not the word I would use after digging her soil in the front garden. I think she must be talking about the back garden.

Thursday. Lost the will to live today. Ache so much from yesterday all I can do is sit in the sun. ‘Never mind luv’ he says ’we’ll go out tomorrow’
Friday. Oh yea it’s raining. Thats OK we’ll go to Eltham palace. I’ll look on the net to find out the opening times.. OPEN.. Mon, Tues, Weds and…….Sunday.
‘er I got to work all day Sunday…..’ he says.
NOT getting up in the morning, gonna sulk..humph!!!!
Still got some pretty photos to look at.LOL.

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Gardening certainly keeps you fit like your mum sais. My previous neighbour is 94 yrs old and still mows the lawn and weeds the garden all on her own :o) She's lucky she can still do it.

26 Jun, 2009


All good intentions eh! Still you must feel very proud digging the bit no one else wants to tackle and making a good job of it. Well done and the plants are so very pretty, I spent quite a long time drooling over them with a certain amount of envy I might add! Sue

26 Jun, 2009


I did come home with 3 lots of cuttings and several smaller plants I dug up by mistake ooooops. lol

26 Jun, 2009


The best laid plans of mice and Sue oft go awry!! LOL
Poor Sue. I know how that can happen. It's frustrating. Still you did a great job tackling the digging at your Mum's. Well done. And at least you got some relaxation time in too.

27 Jun, 2009


Reading that was like deja vu, lol.

28 Jun, 2009

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