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Once again the garden has come to our rescue ...


as sadly after a twelve months long hard battle against mouth and throat cancer we had to face the loss of our daughter, so we turned to the comfort of the garden to give us a purpose to carry on with life.

We honestly just wanted something to turn our minds to so we decided to move the Arbour that stood above the pond – as we are south facing it does get very hot on the patio so this was the spot decided on – the tiled roof gives plenty of shade.
BEFORE moving … I loved the arbour but it did look a tad to big and unblalanced for this particular spot.

AFTER its move against the righthand side patio fence … I feel it fits in better here and gives good shade when I can`t be bothered to put the table canopy out, it gets so hot on the patio especially around mid-day, says she wondering when or if we shall have any really hot days this summer!.

it was then time to set about revamping the waterfall, making the planting area at the top a bit bigger and reshuffling the paving slabs to accommodate the bench that we swapped from the left of patio as this was slightly smaller and replaced with a longer one.

Using the work to try and concentrate the mind

Steps and paving finished this is how it now looks, quite pleased so far,

The fish are doing well and seem to like it …

We decided to make an arch over the seat to accommodate the climbing plant Dregea Sinensis which is evergreen and has a small white flower with a decent perfume … should be good once it gets going and covers the arch – which was quickly knocked together with wooden posts and sections of mesh from an old plastic two tier lean-to greenhouse.


I`m sorry I have missed so many of your blogs over the last 12 months but I have only just felt able to look on goy again and hope to catch up with all the lovely gardens.

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Very sorry to hear of your loss Stroller.
The garden certainly seems the best place to lose oneself in, I think.
The arbour, bridge and bench are certainly a 'trendy' colour and look very smart.
I agree, the arbour looks to blend and fit in well in its new spot. A good job, well done.

3 Jul, 2016


So sorry to hear your sad news but glad you are able to get into your garden and spend time re-vamping it. It will take time to recover and to get your mojo back but gardening has been proved to help with bereavement and for lots of other ailments - hope you are soon back to your usual self, remember the good times and try to be positive. Garden looks lovely with the new position of seats, love the colour too. \;o)

3 Jul, 2016


Sorry to hear about your loss. Your garden is looking absolutely wonderful and your hard work has once again paid off!

3 Jul, 2016


its lovely,and i hope you dont mind if i steal some of your ideas,mainly the steps x

3 Jul, 2016


Hello Phyl, so sorry to hear your sad news our gardens are certainly a sanctuary, was nice to see your name come up on GOY hope you are coping OK and keeping well, it's all looking lovely as ever, Jane :-)x

3 Jul, 2016


I'm so sorry to hear your sad news Phyl . the garden has calming and healing properties let it do its work one day at a time ... x

3 Jul, 2016


So very sorry to hear your news Stoller. I'm glad your garden is helping to ease your pain. I have also chosen the same colour for my woodwork in my garden, along with grape. Great minds think alike. I hope your garden continues to help you in the days ahead.

3 Jul, 2016


Oh Phyl, such sad news for you ... please accept our condolences.

It's lovely to see your garden once more ... doesn't it all look good too? I think the sun bloomin' well ought to shine for you now ... keep smiling ... :o)

3 Jul, 2016


I had wondered what had happened as you haven't been here. Such a distressing time for you both. I hope you are both 'healing' after your sad loss.

The changes to your garden are lovely and I am sure you will find peace in your lovely garden.

3 Jul, 2016


So sorry to read about your sad loss,Phyl,and glad you are finding solace in your lovely garden...One day at a time,and hopefully it will help you to move on a little...I have always loved seeing your new creations,and designs,and this one looks wonderful...take care,and it's lovely to have you back amongst us again....xx

3 Jul, 2016


It seems a long time since we saw pictures of your pretty garden Stroller and its so sad to find out why. I'm glad that tackling a big task in the garden has helped to distract you somewhat from the pain for a while. I have been there and the garden can be a great help.

I hope you have may happy memories to fall back on.

The relocated arbour and the bench do look really at home in their new positions and I hope you have many restful hours enjoying them.

3 Jul, 2016


I was very sad to hear about your daughter Stroller. Perhaps you could plant something nice in your beautiful garden in her memory. I have lots of plants that remind me of friends and family members.

3 Jul, 2016


So sorry to hear your sad news Stroller. Glad that you are finding solace in the garden.

The garden is looking beautiful and the arbour and bench look lovely in their new spot.

3 Jul, 2016


I wish I could find the right words to be able to help you.
I feel so sorry to read your very sad news.

The work and effort that you have put into the garden is so effective and it is looking very special because of it.

3 Jul, 2016


Thank you all so much for your caring and thoughtful messages.
Two of our friends bought a rose called "remember me" for our son three years ago and have now added one for our daughter, these are in the top bed and are doing well
I am adjusting the bottom bed a little as this is where we sit in the evening, both Lisa and James liked the more natural un-showy plants more woodland effect so this is what I`m trying to atchieve.

We have hot hot sunshine this morning, so different from last week, so hope some of you have it too.

4 Jul, 2016


So very sorry Stroller, words just do not come easy at hearing such sad news but know that I am thinking of you, its good to see you and I am pleased you are finding the garden a help and gaining some comfort as you relive happier times out there...

4 Jul, 2016


Bless you, Stoller. I'm sure both Lisa and James are there with you in spirit as you work in your garden.

4 Jul, 2016


Hello Stroller, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss - another big thing for you to cope with. It's nice that you can find comfort in the garden.
I don't come on here much myself these days. We all have our difficulties, and being in the garden is very healing.

5 Jul, 2016


I know this is very late, but I am catching up with blogs from the past, that I have sorry to hear about your daughter, my heart goes out to you, the garden is a wonderful healer, where would we be without a garden? sending positive vibes to you.....

7 Jun, 2017

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