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Scots Bonnet chilli recipe


This blog is not what you expected. Is it not? I hear you ask. No, it’s not for a chilli recipe made with Scots Bonnet Chillies, Oh no!

This is a recipe that I haven’t tried yet ,but I fully intend to. I think it was on The Chilli Kings site and it’s for…
Scotch Bonnet “Chilli” Vodka
A dubious reputation often precedes the drink, Chilli Vodka. When made with lesser chillies, this notoriety is often well deserved; however, when prepared from the noble Scotch Bonnet, the resulting “Chilli” Vodka takes on a unique character: rich-flavoured and full-bodied, with an all-encompassing warmth. Here’s the ideal recipe:
1. Take around 6-8 ripe Scotch Bonnet peppers, and pull off their stalks and bracts, discarding them.
2. Gently tear the fruits apart, removing (and saving) the seeds. Don’t cut them with a knife: this wastes valuable flavour!
3. Open a fresh bottle of export-strength (100 UK proof, 57% vol) vodka, and pour a small amount into a glass to make space in the bottle (don’t drink it, yet).
4. Push the de-seeded husks through the neck of the bottle and into the remaining vodka.
5. Once the peppers are safely submerged, refill the bottle from the glass that you put aside earlier, leaving about 2cm of air in the neck of the bottle, and then cap it tightly.
6. Treat yourself to a quick slurp with whatever is left in the glass, and then place the bottle untouched in a cool dark cupboard.
7. Thoroughly wash your hands: if you’ve ever rubbed your eyes after handling Scotch Bonnets, you’ll understand why. If you haven’t, just take the author’s word for it…
8. Leave the bottle for at least six weeks, by which time the liquor will have taken on a warm golden colour, and the pepper husks will have become pale.
9. Chill the bottle thoroughly, then open it and enjoy the best alcoholic beverage ever invented (apart, that is, from wine).

Remember I’m not taking credit for this piece, just passing on a recipe that I Haven’t tried yet.

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Next post: "Chilli Vodka!", I'll give that a go!



Hmmm...sounds revolting:)) have you actually drank this?

5 Sep, 2009


No, I haven't...yet! I found the recipe whilst surfin' chilli sites a few weeks ago.
I'm not really a drinker, one short is my normal tipple and if i'm on a bender, I'll have three :)
I think a shot of this on a cold winter evening will really warm you through. ;-)

PS Scots Bonnet is my favorite chilli. Its one of the worlds hottest top 10 and has a nice fruity flavour too.

6 Sep, 2009


We have some French friends who are always submitting us to the most revolting liqueurs made with various herbal and other concoctions, and who distill their own alcohol from fermented damsons and plums.. (apparently the old chaps in France can do this legally, or that's what they say!) Many are the mornings when I've woken up with a terrible head after sampling some of these.
This recipe sounds like the best revenge we could ever think of, especially as the locals hate anything 'spiceee' or ' 'ot', like the plague!
LOL !!

6 Sep, 2009


You've got to try it Bertie.
Dunno about revenge is sweet. It'll be revenge is hot. ;-o

9 Sep, 2009


Hmm...might try this out on my mum-in-law (just joking).

21 Sep, 2009


Same process as making cilli oil for cooking with really, yes I can see it working very well and will try to get some SBs to try it out with asap, If its alcoholic I'll try it (at least once), thanks for the thought, Surfin chilli sites good one !!

20 Oct, 2009


Good Luck, Indy!! Mine is fermenting as I write, btw! :-)

20 Oct, 2009


Only eight days to go!

20 Oct, 2009


7 now!! :-))

21 Oct, 2009

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