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my first attempt at including photos in a blog


By steve


we decided it was time to improve the front area and try to hide the wheely bins from view.this is the ‘before’ picture.

to fix the hurdle to something sturdy, i drove a 4" post into the soil, just in front of the brick garage.

then i drilled 2 holes in the old garage base to take the pointed ends of the hurdle.and hammered in these ends , wired the other end of the hurdle to the stake, and put a cross member from the front of the hurdle to the existing fence supports.

and here is the ‘after’ picture, hiding the bins, and tidying up this area.

this is my 1st attempt at introducing photos in a blog, hope you all like the article, if i have made any mistakes, please let me know…..steve

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Your blog seems very good to me.
Today, as with you, I was putting lots of photos in a blog for the first time. You've done very well. The hurdle looks smart. :o)

11 Dec, 2008


Looks tidy Steve, and congrats on mastering the blog!

11 Dec, 2008


Well done Steve-The area looks very smart and tidy.

11 Dec, 2008


A definite improvement, Steve!

Well done on mastering the 'photos-into-blogs' thing! ;-)

11 Dec, 2008


Steve - looks like you have undermined the foundations of your garage by putting the post where it is :o)

11 Dec, 2008


Is that crack serious, Steve? I do hope not!

11 Dec, 2008


thanks for the comments, the old brickwork is the rear of a line of outhouses belonging to a terrace of 18th centuary cottages . yes the wall has a crack or two , but has been repaired and bolted through , my stake is far enough away to be no bother to the structure.
spritzhenry, just looked at your last blog on the white frost and you get a lot of photos in , i ran out of space with only 4 , any tips? i must be doing something wrong.
again thanks to you all for your comments.........steve

12 Dec, 2008


Your blog is great Steve. You've made a good improvement to your garden too.

12 Dec, 2008


Looks good Steve, very much enjoyed reading your blog, and big improvements to your 'ugly area' - i have one of these myself that i have been pondering on i really like the way you have done this, was it easy to do? did you buy the panels or make them yourself? how far down did you put the posts in? did you cement?

12 Dec, 2008


Steve, as Marguerite says, just keep typing - it scolls down as you continue. Do a practice one - you don't have to publish it - then you'll see what we mean.

Good luck. Ask again if you run into problems - I'll try to help.

12 Dec, 2008


thanks marguerite & spritzhenry, i will try that and see what happens.
majeekahead, i had the hurdle made, a friend of a neighbour does them, but if you look in yellow pages under 'hurdle makers' you may find an entry.
the post was hammered straight into the ground , about 400cm , this was sufficient to hold this fence.but if it was 6x6 panels i think i would cement , to give a more stable structure.they are more expensive at about £55 each , but look better than panels.hope this helps ......steve

12 Dec, 2008

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