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Now,we have reached a solid spring.


By stan510


We have now left the nighttime lows of 30’s (0 to 4C) and enjoy a slight warm up in days…we still are having spring rains. I can never complain about water.
I’m looking to make some changes…the big Agave has outgrown its spot. I’m tired of the look of half the leaves pruned off. I planted that as a pup in 1995. Enjoyed it long enough!
I have some large potted plants..maybe put one or more in there.
As long as I’ve been at this..I expect a little more exotic then ever before. Its a balance as my small front yard is not protected by a fence. Its where the spines and thorns of dry plants come in handy for defense.

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Sounds like you're going to be busy.

7 Mar, 2018


Haha, you'll have fun digging out that Agave...Perhaps you can find somebody to give it to?

7 Mar, 2018


God no!...Its 2 meters to the top leaf and around. Its going to have to be done in stages..remove all leafs,cut into the heart..maybe chainsaw..but I worry about the spray from the chainsaw. Agave juice on delicate parts of the skin can burn like a lit fire. I once got some on my inner upper bicep ( triceps?) and it made the skin look burned..hurt for days.
25 years is enough. It wont change in looks or size. Time for something much more exotic. It also has a prime spot in my front yard.
Nice today. Around the 21C range. Again,nothing to remind of tropical..just good for people.

7 Mar, 2018


I can never understand why Americans call a garden a
yard. How did this custom start ?
Also a dishcloth used to wash up, they call a kitchen rag.

8 Mar, 2018


better not start looking at the English language Diane its a mine field. :o))

Good luck with that one Stan and yes the muscle that runs up the back of your arm/biceps is the triceps.

plant juices can be really nasty, most milky saps/latex cause burns too especially when exposed to sunlight.
I think I'd pay someone else to take the risks in its removal.

8 Mar, 2018


I wonder too how quickly Americans lost the English accent and came up with what we have?-- And what we have? Where did THAT come from? Australians kept their English roots over the same time.

8 Mar, 2018


I think the English language is wonderful Sbg.
Especially the way H.M.The Queen speaks it.

9 Mar, 2018

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