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Like a bomb went off over the home.


By stan510


First, the whole house was lit up in a pure white light ( no deceased relatives involved though- wink) then the boom of all booms hit. The cat ran for their lives,I watched the power to the internet,TV,and Telephone went down.
It must have been like a nuclear bombs electromagnetic pulse.
Rain came down in buckets..

Two hours later..all was normal.

I think it was loudest boom in 50 years of living in Hayward.

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Lightning? Sounds scarey!

21 Jan, 2017


Must have been very close - glad you escaped any damage.
Still, by the time you've heard the bang you know you haven't been struck...

21 Jan, 2017


Those kind of storms are kind of rare- mostly in the early fall when its warm. This years storms have been mostly west to east- hence milder temps rather then our usual storms dropping from the gulf of Alaska.
So,this one had cold and warm air..whammo!
Do you know after posting this yesterday my right eardrum hurt for awhile.
Its a bit sensitive I think from loud car music back in the 80's...that was all new then-lol.
At this point inlife,news radio is pretty much what I play-ha.

21 Jan, 2017


Hope your pain has gone Stan....lightning hit a tree outside our house years back..was soo scarey..pure white light! Blew up everything that was plugged in...blew up an electricity pole in our garden...blew tree roots out of the ground...and melted every telephone wire in the neighbourhood....took them weeks to repaire the phone lines.

22 Jan, 2017


Wow Sandra -must have been terrifying!

22 Jan, 2017


VERY scary!

22 Jan, 2017

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