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Well below freezing..something we haven’t had since 2007.
I’m formulating my fighting strategy-lol. My 10’ ladder over the Mango and Santol..potted plants under them and a plastic sheet over the lot with some kind of electric light heating..75 watt bulb should be good enough.
6’ ladder over the Papaya..but maybe not heated as no outlets are near it.
Small potted jewels..just bring them inside for the duration of Tuesday- Friday. Not that long.
Brugmansia will be cut back ..Iochroma as in 2007 for both.
Fast growers,they will be back in early spring. By February they are sending out new shoots…but the dead twiggy growth is a mess to remove.
Temps might be as low as -2C. Water will freeze.
Further updates as we approach plant Armageddon!

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yes get those tender plants under wraps. the greenhouse registered -4C wednesday. Apart from 3 pelargonium everything seems to be fine. It is less frosty today but not correct conditions to do anything in the garden.

30 Dec, 2016


Sorry Stan I couldn't help a chuckle at the horrors of minus 2 C...and your actual frozen water...
But its serious for you with your amazing tropicals and I really hope you manage to get through without too much damage. Bringing a Papaya tree into the living room would be a bit of a challenge!

30 Dec, 2016


I was wary, sowing Sweet Pea seeds. New variety works out at 11p a seed, lovely colour Maloy. Instructions are to sow them in a cold greenhouse, or in a frame, or outside in January. Have sown them 5 to 4" pots and put them on my bedroom windowsill. The drawn curtains will ensure they keep cool.
I sometimes think these generalised instructions need a bit of detective work and non compliance !

30 Dec, 2016


I hope your plants will survive. I think you are right in protecting them.
Low temperatures are not good. Things get killed. I prefer rain. It's wet but it doesn't kill things.

We've had two frosty nights so far this winter here. I forgot I'd left my Scented Pelargonium and a Hoya outside. They got killed ! :( They'd have been all right if it rained.

30 Dec, 2016


Thanks all. They have moderated the temps somewhat..but it looks like 2 freezing nights and one almost freezing.
So,the migration will start Tuesday..Plants covered.
We already had one 1C temp in December..that was enough to singe some top leafs of plants, -1C could do more damage. I hate wasting a summer of growth and instead just get a summer of recovery. Been there,done that,and no more if I can help it.

30 Dec, 2016


Hywel, I lost all my pelargoniums - taking mild weather too much for granted... But it was time to try some different ones anyway.
Lol, the spell checker just queried Pelargonums and suggested Pandemoniums instead...

31 Dec, 2016


(that was for the spell checker, and not your losses Sue ...)

31 Dec, 2016


I woke up to a new forecast that even the local weatherman said "What happened to all that arctic air?"..instead rains and chilly January rains or showers next week. No deep freeze.
That's such a huge and sudden change..Now I have to wait and see. Sounds like the world wide pandemania can take a rest..!

31 Dec, 2016

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