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Its dark,it's gloomy,it's going to rain in October. Incredible.


By stan510


They are predicting possible record rains over the next 3 days. October is usually just a slightly cooler September,around 74f or 23C. with no rains but a rare shower.
I’m so looking forward to it I went out and fertilized a few plants hoping all the rain will soak it in.
Its supposed to be remnants from a Typhoon. So,when you talk about northern California and typhoon remnants?…somethings changed in climate.

Our far northwest corner of the state might see an incredible 23" inches of rain..that’s like 10 centimeters? Sounds Hawaiian.

Has the UK ever had remnants drift north from the Gulf stream? I know its much farther north but that Gulf stream is pretty warm.
UPDATE,with photos-

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Nice that you getting some rain. I don't know about remnants from gulf stream but last year lost count of the amount of storms that we had. Each storm we went higher up the alphabet and saw on the news how more people were flooded out of their house over here. I've been lucky and never been flooded but xmas before last one of my friends was flooded on xmas eve. I don't remember us getting so many storms before.

14 Oct, 2016


Things are changing Jen. NorCal and remnant Typhoons in October?..all the rain in the UK. Everything on the west side of a continent is seeing faster changes.
The growing season is still on here though. 80f by Thursday they said. Nice to combine wet and warm in California for a change.

14 Oct, 2016


Bet the plants are loving the rain Stan. Everything will start to grow again!

15 Oct, 2016


It's raining here in Dorset at this moment and very welcome it is too. Some of our Acers would show signs of "drought" if they weren't watered.

Although the wind has had the occasional keen edge October so far has been a bright month here. Another indication that our weather pattern has changed?

The cat hates the rain. She goes to the back door, has a look outside, and makes it clear she has no intention of going outside unless I accompany her.

15 Oct, 2016


Stan, we must be on the same system. In 10years I have never seen it rain so hard here in middle of October. It is relatively warm though. "Pineapple Express"? Got to 10 C at night and mid teens during the day which is higher than historical average. Good for mushrooms :-)

15 Oct, 2016


23cm is 9 inches, not the other way round!

23 inches is about 58 cm so lets hope that isn't what you're going to get! Lets hope you get just the right amount

15 Oct, 2016


I -hearing it was warm storm- fertilized all the plants that needed it 2 days ago Sandra. Nothing to melt it in like rain. I stand for maybe a half minute watering per plant- or even seconds and that does not compare to a good hour after hour rain.
Eirs- lol,the cats made use of any towel and blanket we put on the floor for them. Dogs don't care..but cats are fastidious!
Klahanie,I thought for a few hours it was going to be a bust..then it started coming down like REAL rains. Even Supermarket puddles to step in. It was warm last night even if the day never went over 65f..muggy too.

Ster- Oops!

15 Oct, 2016


We have had it mainly dry here for a few weeks but it's getting colder. Having spent the last week potting up shrubs it was nice last night when it rained and watered them much better than I ever do, and like yours the fertiliser will have wash in well.

15 Oct, 2016


I googled and it is the same system Stan. Typhoon Songda and will be with us till tomorrow afternoon on Vancouver Island. Big winds too.

15 Oct, 2016


A Typhoon in Vancouver. Says it all...

15 Oct, 2016

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