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I'll have to use scissors!


I was only half serious whan I asked Grenville to lend me his little lawn mower! We have a lot of grass to cut in our garden and so we bought a sit-on mower when we came here in January 2005. We bought it from B&Q as they were quite a bit cheaper than specialist firms. It has been fine up to a fortnight ago – by the way, my husband is in charge of grass-cutting! Now, however, it is standing idle – it’s gone wrong and needs a new part.


This is what the grass looks like. I nearly lost Henry in it! I can only find him when he wags his tail… :-)

No, oops, sorry, that was out in the fields on our walk today…
This is what it really looks like.

Here’s the problem. If you buy from B&Q, did you know that the mowers are specially made for them and are therefore different and inferior to the ones you buy at the ‘proper’ shops? No. nor did we until it went wrong. And you try getting parts! We are waiting for it to be delivered to the shop then we can make the trek to get it… then fit it… then….maybe the grass will get cut!
In the meantime, I hate the garden looking so unkempt, so I am thinking about getting the scissors out…

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So sorry to hear this Spritz my shed littered with gadgets and tools supposedly up to the job.Didnt know that about B&Q you saying that same manufacturer makes ones specifically for them?Ride on mowers not cheap whoever makes them so should be up to job - surely this should be covered by manufacturers guarantee as it would be for servicing B&Q not going to fit and repair so how is it down to you?

6 May, 2008


Sad state of affairs Spritz. Customer service seems to be a thing of the past.
Re the scissors - our old neighbour used to go out and cut her two lawns using scissors. Not managable patches like Grenvilles either. Kept us amused for hours!!

7 May, 2008


Bonkersbon - yes, that's right, the machines look the same on the outside as from a specialist firm, but are made for B&Q and have a crafty very slightly different number. It's out of warranty now, well it would be! So it's down to us to get it fixed - they would come out to us and do it, but at an exorbitant fee. So husband is mending it...WHEN the part is available. We're still awaiting the phone call!

7 May, 2008


I'd hate to cut your lawn with a scissors, Spitzhenry. It would be like painting the Forth Bridge - by the time you finished at one end it would be time to start again at the other. Or probably even sooner than that !
I had to chuckle at Henry's picture in the field. Let's hope your lawn doesn't grow as high as that !

7 May, 2008


no mower... nightmare how about i send you one of my sheep hehe!!

7 May, 2008


What a pain! Have to remember never to buy B&Q's tool in future. Hope the part doesn't take too long to come. No idea of prices, but might possibly be an option to hire a mower if it does get unbearably long, or take up Ickledigga's offer of a sheep.

7 May, 2008


I nearly killed myself today - on my hands and knees using shears to cut all round the edges of the lawn outside the garden room, about 18" into the lawn. I have blisters and really should not have done it - it was a mad gesture! Usually, I edge the lawns with long-handled shears after husband has cut them. There is still no sign of the part...:-(
As there are sheep in the field across the lane, I needn't bother ickle, I could just open the field gate and our gate and get Henry to escort one across! How long would I need to 'borrow' him for? Maybe I need two ?

7 May, 2008


depends how greedy the sheep is hehe!!

10 May, 2008

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