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Sexy Curves?


If you have seen any of the photos of my garden, you will know that I don’t like straight lines – I much prefer curves! I have been looking at the two lawns nearest to the house. This is the right hand lawn from the bedroom window.

I made this more curvaceous last year, and I’m happy with its shape. But now look at the left-hand lawn as it was this morning!

No, no. It wouldn’t do. Too straight. So I decided to create more curves. First I got out a bucket full of kindling sticks and laid them out. I had to keep running up and down the stairs to check if I liked the shapes I had made. It took several goes to get them pleasing.

Then I used the half-moon cutter along the line of kindling. That was the easy bit! The spade was the next hard-work task – skimming off the turf and taking it up to the compost bin – three barrow loads of it.

Lastly I got the fork out and dug it over. I haven’t dug in any compost yet, but I will before I plant anything. Ah, I hear you cry – but what about the far edge by the path? Well, it is the boundary between us and next door’s garden. My husband has had a brainwave – he says we have enough blue lias stone to build a low double wall along there. Then I shall have a lovely time planting it up with trailing plants. I can’t wait!

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Running up and down stairs! As if digging up your lawn isn't enough work, Spritz? :o)

Love the new curves!! The bridge in the new background look lovely too.

22 Apr, 2008


Looks Super Spritz my Lawns r also Curved in my gardens :D

22 Apr, 2008


Sexy curves eh ? Modelled on your own figure? Either way very impressive. How times change found a real old gardening book of the 1930s which states that curves to be avoided as creates an unsymmetrical look. The chemicals recommended would have given Tony Blair an excuse to invade your garden shed!

22 Apr, 2008


Spritz had to laugh at you work-out routine 'running up and down stairs' lol the things we do to get the right look eh? it sends us nutty at times no offence ment sweetie. ;o)

I like curves too although I get the string out to map my lines out now as I have been told off for using hubby's garden hose lol. Anyway your curves look so much better than before and it allows you more room for some bedding plants etc. if you so

23 Apr, 2008


I now have a mental picture of you looking at that second lawn going "No No NOOOOOO!!! It just won't doooooo" and your poor hubby going " Yes Yes YES it will be fine" and thinking "Here we go again!!" During which time the neighbours think you've gone potty moving sticks about on the grass!
Thank you for the giggle and the lawn looks great

23 Apr, 2008


Those curves are very voluptuous Spritz !
All that hard work has certainly paid off.
We too have got a thing about curves (Strictly in a garden setting of course.!) We think they add much more that rigid straight lines, although there is also room for straight lines if you have a vista or view at the end as a focal point. Curved borders however encourage you to take a jouney of exploration around the garden as well.You have a beautiful garden setting. Please post up more progress photos.
Best wishes from Grenville and Alan.

23 Apr, 2008


Love the new shape, curves are great for showing off plants at their best. Your garden looks great, i like the sound of the new wall, cant wait to see it.

23 Apr, 2008


THAT bit will depend on helpful husband! I'd like it built tomorrow of course, but he may well see things differently!

23 Apr, 2008

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