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Well, I thought I’d find out how your plants are doing in the incessant rain… yes, it’s been raining all day again after a slightly better day yesterday. It’s interesting and quite upsetting to walk round my garden at the moment. Flowers which are a hopeless soggy mess include petunias, lavatera, roses, border pinks and phlox – oh and the hebes are unhappy too. Flowers standing up to it a bit better include salvias, origanum, (all three types), fuchsia, cosmos, rudbeckia, astrantia and achillea. How about yours?

Sorry I can’t insert images but the techie side is beyond me…

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Aw Spritz....painful to see isn't it. All my outdoor tomatoes are succombing to blight, the ones in the greenhouse are fine, incessant rain is the culprit I think, but the runner beans and greens seem fine,
My friend and I went to the henry doubleday research garden the other day and even they had problems with blight.
Finally they seem to be admitting it is all due to global warming, I wonder how bad it will get before we all get our act together and take lowering our emissions seriously? The next problem will be rising food prices due to crop failures. Americas wheat crops are well down because of drought. Our farmers must be battling enormous problems.
I think I will invest in some more polytunnels for next year. It will get worse before it gets better and that is if everyone takes emissions seriously....not too hopeful about that!

23 Jul, 2007


Hi Spritzhenry, we have realised the image insertion was a bit too techie. We are working on an easier way to include photos from your account in your blog entries. Watch this space :)

23 Jul, 2007


I hate to say it but my garden seems to be holding up allright. In fact in the sun today I managed to take some piccies. Only one container was literally washed away - not enough drainage holes to cope with the volume of water and it was filled with young beans.. all gone! Having grown up on a farm I can be certain that the crops are in a terrible state all over the country - not enough sun, not enough dry days to harvest, too much rain - it must be heart breaking.

24 Jul, 2007


Hi Joey - I'm glad your garden is still standing! I think the difference is that we, being in the West Country, are vulnerable to the prevailing westerly winds and get the 'fronts' from the Atlantic first and worst! We are only a mile from the coast here, too. It can get quite windy in my garden (witness my tamarix going flat down earlier this week following heavy rain and wind) But having lived in the SE of the country for years and years,and seen the gradual and inexorable waves of concrete, motorway widening, Channel tunnel train track and new housing estates all over what used to be ancient woodland and bluebells (UGH) I still love it here and would have to be dragged back kicking and screaming!!!! So I must remind myself of that as yet again the rain is falling today after a lovely sunny day yesterday when I made the most of being out in the garden!!! :-)

25 Jul, 2007

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