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Trades Description Act?


You may remember that we did a complete make-over of the back garden last autumn, and my plan was that it would be colour-themed in gold, white and purple shades. Up to now everything has gone to plan and the plants in the borders are behaving themselves and pleasing me. Except – that I thought I had also colour coded the two troughs each side of the workshop door. I bought various bulbs for them.

And up came this tulip, well done! Good price, too.

I also planted these tulips called ‘Arabian Nights’ which looked purple-ish on the packet. Wouldn’t you agree?

BUT what came up? a red Tulip! Oy! What’s going on here?

I certainly don’t think that this is anywhere near purple, do you? Or is it my eyes? So now. with the blue and white Chionodoxa around their feet, I have ended up with what I can only describe as a ‘Patriotic Trough’ – but it clashes horribly with my colour scheme…

There are still some Narcissus ‘Thalia’ in the troughs, just coming through – I hope that they don’t turn out to be sky-blue-pink instead of pure white… Call the Trades Description Officer! I’ve been done!

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lol unless ive gone colour blind too they are def not purple.

5 Apr, 2008


I have grown tulip 'Arabian Night' and it's definitely not red. You've been 'done'. Shame it doesn't fit your colour scheme as the trough looks very effective.

I've just finished a border for Thursday's group with white, yellow and orange violas, euphorbia martinii and uncina (red-bronze grass) which I'm quite pleased with

5 Apr, 2008


The trough looks lovely, but what a shame the colours do not match the packaging. I would be inclined to take the packaging back along with the photos you have taken of the tulips in flower to the retail outlet that supplied them
(if its not too far away from you to travel) to see what they say.Someone, somewhere have mixed them up for sure.
If you are looking for a really dark purple tulip next season you might wish to try 'Queen of the night' They are velvety burgundy almost black.This year Ive mixed 'Queen of the night' with tulip 'Menton' which is a bright acid pink.They are in bud at the moment, but will post some photos later when they flower.
Best wishes,

5 Apr, 2008


Spritz although your colour scheme isn't what you originally wanted it still is a stunning

5 Apr, 2008


Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Grenville - unfortunately I bought the tulips on a visit to our son in Harwich. A bit far to go to complain! lol.

5 Apr, 2008


Although not what you wanted, I agree with Hel, this is beautiful and, at least it is in a planter so you can move it elsewhere.

5 Apr, 2008

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