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I am winning!


Way back in June 2007, I bought a beautiful shrub from B&Q and planted it in a large pot. It was only then that I read the label and saw – ‘one season only’!

Well, I asked my very first question on this site to see if anybody had managed to keep it through the winter – and of course got some good advice. I took it into the greenhouse with just a little heat to keep it frost-free. I was a bit scared because all the leaves fell off and it looked as if it wouldn’t survive! But just look now! I have cut it back quite hard and there are lots of tiny green leaves appearing!

I am so pleased, I am really looking forward to seeing the beautiful flowers again. It flowered from May until November!

Its name is Solanum rantonneii ‘Royal Robe’ in case you come across it. It was well worth buying! And thank you again to the members who gave me the advice about it.

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well done,, i like browsing around b&q so i will def keep an eye out for this. nice long flowering season on it too which is great.

23 Mar, 2008


What a lovely success story, Spritz. Well done ! And, what a beautiful container and planting.

23 Mar, 2008


Good for you Spritz... ENJOY !

23 Mar, 2008


Do you think that sometimes its because they want you to buy a new one next year instead of giving a bit of advice on how it may be kept through the winter ? Well done ! its always worth giving it a go eh ?

24 Mar, 2008


Your plant is doing what it ought. Not what the B&Q label says. 'Weemamabell' has got it right. Pretty much any plant, especially the borderline ones will happily survive a cool (not freezing) winter with drier compost and return when the weather warms up and the light increases.

24 Mar, 2008


Well Done You Barbara :)

24 Mar, 2008


Yeah Spritz Well done!! Mine survived too :o )

25 Mar, 2008

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