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'THAT FENCE' again!!


Well, you may remember that I had to get my husband to make some wooden boxes to divert the eye from the fence erected by our neighbours. I planted them up with pretty primroses and bright bulbs.

But of course, plants have their season and finish flowering – so today I had to do something! First I dug out all the old plants and bulbs, then I topped up the boxes with new compost. That took a while…quite back breaking, as well.

I had decided to plant Osteospermum and Surfinia to give colour right through until the frosts, come the autumn. Expensive? Well not too bad when you are lucky enough to have a small Nursery nearby where the Osteospermum are £1 each – if you get there before they sell out, that is!

So I lined up my plants in ranks according to the three colours I had found – pink, purple and white.

And lime, pale pink and white Surfinias. I had to be a bit regimented to get the colours in the right order!

So I placed the pots carefully on top of the boxes before I started planting them.

That took a while, as well! A quick check, then I got on with planting them all.
I reckon I could get a job as a municipal gardener after this. :-)

That didn’t really take as long as I’d thought – a few additions – some climbers grown from seed sent to me by kind members – Flcrazy and Majeekahead -

Thanks, Flcrazy! Here they are, Angie – well one of them, anyway…

This is the purple Osteospermum…my favourite.

I just hope that the new planting and colour scheme will take my eye away from THAT FENCE… and of course, that my visitors in June will be able to admire them, as well….if they flower in time! Fingers crossed, please, everyone.

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im sure this is going to pay off spritz,, i can just imagin it all in bloom,, very beautiful and very eye catching,, not the nicest of fencing,, was it open plan before, update... ive just been to read your blogs on this fence, what were they thinking wanting the devide in the first place? this is how bad vibes with neighbours start, if me i just wouldnt want a fence up,, maybe they dont like pets or something spritz,, but why dont people talk and try and solve things then you may not be going through this,, hope you get your wall soon

12 May, 2009


Oh, its going to look lovely Spritz. I'm sure they will come through and flower beautifully for you.

13 May, 2009


It’s going to gorgeous spritz Love your choice of colour.

13 May, 2009


Your visitors will be that busy admiring everything else Spritz they probably wont even notice the fence,lovely choice you have there..........

13 May, 2009


Lovely choice of planting. its going to look great..........

13 May, 2009


is the osetospermum 'nariobi purple'? i have had this in the past.
you planters look great too.

13 May, 2009


No - I will go and look at the names WHEN it stops raining! I've got the labels up at the greenhouse.

Thanks, all.

13 May, 2009


What a job planting all those, but it will be worth it. I'll be glad when something can be done about the fence.

13 May, 2009


Me too, Hywel - that was from the heart!

13 May, 2009


A great idea and nice choice of flowers to plant. They look amazing.

14 May, 2009


I went and fetched the Osteospermum labels - the white ones are 'Almach', the pink are 'Keia' and the purple ones are called 'Mirach'. All 'Springstar'...or so the labels say!

14 May, 2009


a pack of Nasturutians and Morning Glory would soon cover it as well.

16 May, 2009


I hadn't though about Nasturtiums, T&T, thanks. They would have to 'go' with the colour scheme, but I expect I could find some that did! Cream ones would be great.
I already have Morning Glory in - that's what Flcrazy sent me.

17 May, 2009

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