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cerry tree


By sonny


my cherry tree, seem,s like it has some type of disease, it as sap coming in 3 place,s as far as i can see. wonder if anybody could tell me what it is, it also as some sort bug on it as well, i did try spraying it but nothing seem to work ,idont like spraying plants but i am willing to try anything.see ya sonny. ps hope some one can help,will try to get a photo to put on. thank,s .

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Hello, Sonny ~
A good idea to put a photo on.
Easier for members to help you. :o)

26 Sep, 2008


One of the commonest diseases for cherry is bacterial canker gum like oozing appears and leaves have holes in (
you seen the bug or assuming something eating the leaf ?) - this is part of the disease.TT right though a pic best are leaves dying back?

26 Sep, 2008


that,s dead right bonkersbon i have managed to put some photo,s on my homepage of gum like stuff which you say, and i have not seen any bugs just assuming there was because of the leaf,s being in hole,s.thank,s ,sonny.

27 Sep, 2008


Details of how to treat on your pic - not easy and could well be terminal good luck.

27 Sep, 2008

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