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I checked out the above in the dictionary and I feel sure that I suffer from it, this goes way back to my school boy days when an uncle of mine died in hospital of weil’s disease but nobody would say at the time what he died of, it was not for many years after the event that that I found out why: Because he was a slaughter-man working in an abattoir, I was not to sure about eating meat after the learning, even though people went on eating meat from that same slaughter house with as far as I know, no one else dying from the same disease . Then came the salmonella scare, I will no longer consume chicken soup, and still feel a little apprehensive about eggs, and so it goes on, along came the mad cow disease with the feeding of carrion fare to herbivores. From the above you would think you have seen it all. Not at all! Along comes, Beef and Horses. So just to be on the safe side I started reading the labels, my cook was into using watercress to bolster the aesthetic appearance of our salads so before she used it I looked at where it came from, the information it gave me was it came from Portugal and was washed in spring water, “O Yea” ? So a quick dip in a mountain stream, means it’s clean? As I do not want to obtain liver-fluke I think we will give this a miss in future, this item was and still is on sale in Sainsbury’s. Further it was her want to adorn egg sandwiches with cress, so picking up a punnet of cress I read the label which said 80% rape seed 20% cress. Now to my mind this is blatant mislabelling surely on a percentage basis it should have said Rape seed with added cress. Not worried about it! Well you should be because I am into wondering just where the rape seed came from, did they come from a Genetically Modified crop or not and if they did not come from a GM crop who is to believe this affirmation.

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in my years of trucking i delivered all sorts of meat to some of these pie makers and bakery,s and beleive you me if you knew what goes in you would starve yourself to death before eating <garlic>yuck

29 Dec, 2013


I saw a film about sausage making once. There was a large chute for the ingredients, which were cereal and fat. Apparently fat counted as meat.
All our sausages come now from a trusted local butcher who makes his own with real meat.

29 Dec, 2013


I agree, as I have seen some of it going on.

30 Dec, 2013


A butcher did not hear me go into his shop. There was a mirror on the wall. I watched him making sausages in the reflection on this mirror. He was cutting up great lumps of belly pork fat, adding cereal from a sack. There was no meat at all.
An hour later the sign was outside his shop " Royal
Cumberland Sausages 2/6d a lb."

30 Dec, 2013


on reading this blog the first thought that came to my mined ( well a line from a song actually ) was "they shot horses dont they?" i remember on hearing those words thinking its a crazy mixed up world we live in.
thought provoking blog, thank you.

30 Dec, 2013


This started out as just a tumble weed of words strung together to make a small story about the garden produce we can purchase in supermarkets of many names that are using mislabelling to achieve a sale, I really did not intend it to raise the spectre of corruption and bad butchery prevalent in today’s society because down that road the slush gets deeper and will soon spill over the top of your wellies lets keep it to seeds.

30 Dec, 2013


i like seeds :-)

30 Dec, 2013


That's Goy for you! Stay happy.

30 Dec, 2013

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