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At it Again!


I mean that I am burning the midnight oil, silly!

I couldn’t go to bed without checking my computer and one thing lead to another.
Now my conscience is attacking me so it is time for a confession.

I am afraid I may have harmed a poor innocent little creature that seemed to regard our garden as its home. NO, not Howard! I haven’t seen him since I sprinkled crumbled moth balls as prescribed all around the places he left his calling cards. My CRIME is far worse! If you are of a very nervous, sensitive disposition then click off…NOW!

OK brace yourselves for this awful tale of woe!
Once upon a time we had a dear little if rather slimy friend who was becoming so familiar with us he/she didn’t hop out of the way quickly when we happened to draw near. I grew to love the tiny creep though I can’t say I could have kissed him/her no matter what the reward might have been. Maybe blown a kiss or two.

I may have mentioned somewhere that I am in charge of watering the pots that contain acid loving plants which are all marked with yellow labels that stand for
“Keep off Roy.” Also there are several clematis and other plants that grow directly in the earthy beds so I also get to feed them with the wonder drug from time to time.

Hankies ready?

Well, two evenings ago I was swinging the watering can with gay abandon over a group of aforementioned plants and encouraging them to flourish with precise words to that effect. Shock horror when one of the large stones arranged around the base of one of them to keep the roots cool (you see I know about these things) suddenly jumped in the air! It didn’t land back in its place but disappeared in a flash! Oh dear.

Off I went boo hooing to Roy to ask him to join in the search and rescue but he thought I was rather overplaying my hand.
“How much do you think he got dowsed with?” he asked. “About half a gallon?”

“No, no!” I replied, appalled at the thought. “But he/she did get sprinkled with the stuff and it says on the box do not let it touch your skin but if it does, by accident, wash it off straight away.”

We spent some time looking here and there but not a sign of him/her. I think I shall have to choose a name such as Jack, not so much for Jumpimg Jack as Natterjack for that is what I believe it may be. Look at the pictures and see what you think. They were taken a few days ago.

No sightings yet to date. Can you wonder that I can’t sleep? I walk around wringing my hands like Lady Macbeth, crying, “What? Will these hands ne’er be clean? Who would have thought he’d have so much blood in him?”

Oh cancel that last bit, I didn’t spill a drop of it, just got carried away in my grief………Do they have blood? I never got to cut up anything other than plants in biology and even then I was squeamish.

Remind me to tell you about my trips round the Forensic Science Lab at Old Scotland Yard and the gruesome sights in the Royal College of Surgeons Museum.

Night night, don’t have nightmares. As if anyone is still up at this hour……01:30

This is your story teller, the woman in black, (well actually a floral nightie) but it sounded like Valentine Dyall that some of you may remember on the radio
many moons ago.

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Oh dear :(
I'd be worried sick too Lyn.

I cried and cried recently when i rescued a little mouse from my cat Millies playing paws only to have it die at my own hands :(((
I don't know if it was from shock or if it grabbed it too hard, either way i sobbed and sobbed.
Somebody reading this will think we're two soppy women !!!

17 Jun, 2009


Not soppy at all
you are both all heart

such sad tales
Im sure friend who got splashed will be fine
they are tougher than you think
I once saw a frog being pulled in each direction by 2 ducks fighting over it, stretched as far as it could possible go, so I roared (i was only 8-9) with all my might, my parents thought I was hurt, the ducks freaked and both dropped the frog... and he actually hopped away (larger hops than before I must admit)

x x x

17 Jun, 2009


There skin is Waterproof, Surely, Everything just bounces off, What about Acid rain :) Im sure he's fine, Probably found a couple of Ducks to Torment hehe... Great Blog Lyn.. I once Strimmed a wing from a bee, it was running round in circles and i was just keep saying Sorry, Sorry, I had to go indoors as I couldn't watch any more :( Another Soppy Goyer here :)) Loved your Story's Girls..

17 Jun, 2009


Great blog, lol.

Froggy probably hopped off to the nearest pond/bucket of water and had a bath. He'll be back when he's stopped sulking. (I hope :o)....)

17 Jun, 2009


Awww a wonderful story Lyn I was almost reaching for the tissues myself, But I think it is as youngdaisydee says the skin is waterproof and you probably just scared the hell out of him, He will be fine just a bit peeved with you I should'nt wonder. :o))

17 Jun, 2009


I'm sure he/she will be fine. He would only have got a few drops on him/her. It was probably just the swinging of the watering can with gay abandon that startled him a bit. Just think of the gucky pond water that they swim in. That can't be any less harmful than your acidifying water.

17 Jun, 2009


Lyn, I'm sure Jack's fine..... and peeping at you from behind one of your pots! He'll be keeping a look out for the watering can. Keep us up to date with his story.

17 Jun, 2009

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