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does anyone have any ideas / photos on how to cover a septic tank (biodisc) lid in a lawned back garden. it has to be cleaned once a year. it is also not safe to walk on so the cover needs to be strong and removable. I keep looking at decking but really don’t like the idea.

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Hi Simonandrew couple of solutions , you could place metal grilling over lid the type used for water features that allow water to be pumped through pebbles.A pot with plants of your choice could be placed on top and the grill covered with pebbles to disguise.
Alternatively use a low growing non clinging ground cover plant such as vinca minor 'bowles beauty'.evergreen with deep purple double flowers spring/summer that could be lifted back as tank needs emptying.

21 Apr, 2008


many thanks
I like the idea of the water feature grate covered with varieng sizes of pebbles/rocks and pot plants, maybe use vinca minor around the lid to gently disguise all.

22 Apr, 2008

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