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Japanese Knotweed in my garden


By sidaz


I had a plant in my garden which I just couldn’t get rid of, infact the harder I tried the more it spread until it had taken over a whole corner of the garden. No weed killer had any effect and if I pulled it up again it just came back with a vengance. In the end I contacted an invasive weed specialist who managed to kill it off in one year.

japanese knotweed eradication

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I had this problem a few years ago and heard or read a tip to use a glyphosate-based weedkiller at the end of the season just as the leaves started turning colour. It killed almost all of it in one year and the rest the next year - no sign since, I'm glad to say.

16 Mar, 2009


It really is a DREADFUL weed - we had it in our Kent garden. Every time I thought it had gone, it re-appeared - due to the next-door neighbour who didn't tend his plot at all.

16 Mar, 2009

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