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I happened across this site quite by accident. Heuchera was what caught my eye and a person who had tried buying one on Ebay???

Creme Broulee was the cause of his/her upset, at not being able to get one. Being new to the site, I can’t find my way back to that particular message, so if ‘you’ read this, do reply to this if you can.

I have a few Heucheras in my garden and decided it was well worth extending my collection. Only today I bought 5 more, three have names the other two not, so I must scour the books to label them up. BUT my pride and joy was Creme Brulee. In UK called Caramel. It is a French variety just as you describe it. Beautiful. Cost my 2.99 euros… £2.50 or there abouts.
I also bought Key Lime Pie, and Green Spice. The labels carry the producers web site. although they don’t tell you much. about them.

My ‘growsonyou’ id, picture is the Heuchera Blackberry Jam. The leaves are truly just that colour. But being in France do the French give them names of their own? Will I ever find Blackberry Jam in the general gardening books, of which I have many? So I have a huge job ahead of me, identifying those I already have plus the two new ones bought today.

We live in France, by the way…

Let me know your thoughts… anyone!


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I've always liked heucheras too, but living in North Derbyshire, and having a very small and fairly wild garden never had much luck with them.
Hope you 'get into' and enjoy GOY. I think of it as a kind of grown-up Facebook. You can click on anyone's username and see all their pictures, blogs, etc.
I once drove through France (going to the Alps) when all the irises were in bloom. Wonderful.

5 May, 2009


My friend bought a Crem Brulee a few weeks ago. She bought it in a Wyevale Garden centre in Wales. It was called Crem Brulee , not Caramel. I've put a photo of it on my home page. It's on page 2 of my photos if you want to see.

5 May, 2009


You have some lovely pictures. I love your Heuchera Midnight Rose!
Re. Creme Brulee/ Caramel. The book I have on Heucheras does say that 'Caramel' is of French origin (2005), so I am assuming it is the same. Creme Brulee being the French name for Caramel dessert. It certainly looks the same. Beautiful! creamy, to pale yellow wavy leaves with varying shades of pink underneath.

I look forward to discovering more.


5 May, 2009


Hello READEJAHN. Pleased you enjoyed the Iris in France! I have a sloping bed of tall bearded Iris, about 50 of them, 2/3 of which are yellow. I lifted and split them last year, removing about 100 and putting just 40 back. To these, I added 13 specialist Cayeux Iris in different bi-colours. At the moment there are about 30 in bud and I anxiously waiting for their flowering. If they are as good as I hope they will be, I'll post a picture.

If you are interested, Cayeux Iris although French do have a UK outlet now. Visit the web site, they are gorgeous. try keying in cayeux iris and you should be able to find both the French and the English site.


11 May, 2009


Thanks for that Shirley. If only I had room for all the plants I love!. I look forward to seeing pictures of yours. I would be luck to fit in one or two!

11 May, 2009

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