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September almost over


The garden has been neglected for a couple of weeks as we have been decorating the sitting room. Still not finished as the new curtains are not ready, at least the painting has been done!

Today I had a wander around and was surprised to see a fair bit of colour, noticed leaves are beginning to fall, not happy to see that as it means Winter is not far away.

This Clematis tangutica always blooms late Summer until end of October, by which time the flowers have turned to the lovely silky tassels.
It mingles well with the Zebra grass and Ilex ’Golden King.

When the yellow Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ has finished flowering I shall divide it. Here it grows through a Pittosporum ‘Variegatum’.

Keeping with yellow flowers, this Dahlia has flowered non-stop for weeks now. The red one next to it has only had about four blooms at one time!

Like some other GoY members I have Roses blooming again, some better now than in Summer. This little one is ‘Irish Eyes’, lucky to be alive after Megan cat rushed past it chasing a Mouse, knocking a couple of stems off.

One of the hardiest shrubs in my garden is Spiraea japonica ‘Shirobana’, doesn’t mind being cut back hard in early Spring.

Tall Lilac Aster, no name for this one, was a magnet for Bees and Hoverflies today.

A couple of Penstemons …

This Dianthus has a very strong scent, grows well from cuttings too.

The temperature has dropped at night now so I have moved this Pelargonium sidoides into the unheated greenhouse for the Winter.

I have gardening plans for the weekend as I dug up a clump of Red Hot Poker in the front garden yesterday, divided it into many pieces and hope to plant them in the back garden.

Happy gardening, make the most of any fine weather.

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We're so lucky with the weather right now aren't we Shirley? All your plants are looking very lovely still, that little tangutica is a real joy for Autumn interest. I've Wisley cream already flowering although it is a winter flowerer..not sure what is going on there! I love the dark colouring of your geranium, is it a scented leaf type?
Yes, some low sun bright days to come, but there is a chill in the air, Autumn is here, time for plans for next year!

28 Sep, 2018


definitely a lovely garden, with lots of colour.
definitely going to be cold tonight, the heating has come on so it must be 16c. I will have to ask OH to put plants into the green house for me tomorrow.
my lemon queen also needs dividing. the clematis is such a good doer. mine started back in July and is now putting out more flowers amongst the seed heads.

28 Sep, 2018


Very pretty what gorgeous Penstemons

28 Sep, 2018


Morning Janey, it's a beautiful blue-sky morning, not too chilly either, so I shall be gardening later. That Geranium has no scent that I can detect! I have just ordered some flower seeds and a pack of 100 plant labels, looking ahead to seed sowing in the spring.

Sbg, strange how some flowers are looking better now than they did in the Summer. We put the heating on at 8 o'clock last night, took the chill off the place!

Thanks 3d ...

29 Sep, 2018



29 Sep, 2018


Where do you order your seeds from Shirley? Do you know Seedaholic? I love the illustrated A5 page that comes with each packet, with masses of helpful information - just what I need :)

29 Sep, 2018


I'm giving up on Penstemons now. They just don't perform well here. They are only just starting to flower now most of them and the flowers on all of them have been sparse this year. I am sitting here with the log burner going. First time since May. Its lovely to have it on again, but I could really do without this gale force wind again. Never spring without winter is there. :)

29 Sep, 2018


Sorry Shirley, so busy reading other peoples comments I totally forgot to say lovely photos. I love the image of the cat chasing a mouse. Molly had a go at another Shrew yesterday...but she ran in the opposite direction to the rodent! lol...think she's going blind, deaf and daft! She'll be 13 next March. Love your yellow Clematis tangutica. I have one too...Helios is mine, its a compact form and has been flowering all summer, but is really doing its best right now. :)

29 Sep, 2018


Sheila, when we had the allotment some years ago and were looking for vegetable seeds, I was recommended Kings Seeds, Kelvedon in Essex.

Their catalogue arrived a couple of weeks ago so I browsed through it and have ordered Sweet Peas, some cream Calendula and other flower seeds, along with 100 plant labels.

One thing I would say is to be very aware of the seed count in the packs, unless you want hundreds of seeds or are in a gardening group!

Their sister company is Suffolk Herbs.

29 Sep, 2018


You really do have a different climate to us down South Karen! I have just come in for a cold drink, jeans and a t-shirt on. I was looking forward to planting the divisions of the Red Hot Poker, along with a dozen Hellebores that have been in pots for months. That was until I saw how far the 'Gardeners Gaiters' grass had spread itself underground.

Hard work to cull it down, not much of it left now but the plants are in so that's it for gardening today.

I' always surprised at the way Megan cat has bursts of energy, she sleeps most of the day. Your description of Molly made me smile ... :o))

29 Sep, 2018


You will love your cream Calendula Shirley. I gave spare seeds to members of my gardening group last year, and not only did they flower for months but also seeded themselves around. Very good value!

29 Sep, 2018


Ooh, that's good to know, thanks Sheila.

29 Sep, 2018


Oh yes, agree re the cream Calendula - been going all summer. Your garden's still looking colourful Shirley and the blue Penstemon is a joy- always a sucker for blue flowers!
I quite envy all you folk with fences and walls - we only have hedges or tall trees so can only look back remembering the tangutica we used t have elsewhere!
But a fence here would blow down every November...

29 Sep, 2018


You have such a lot there Shirley, I actually think our gardens do better in cooler weather. My roses like yours are also doing well now.
Pelargonium sidoides is interesting and I love that Clematis tangutica. I used to have one in the previous garden. It's great for late colour.

30 Sep, 2018


So much still going on in your garden Shirley, although there is a definite autumnal nip in the air now and the nights are so much colder. I've moved all my delicate potted planters into the greenhouse, with Richard's help. My roses are also blooming like mad, but I've no doubt the frosts, which are tipped for this week, will stop them in their tracks. Your purple Penstemon is beautiful.

30 Sep, 2018


Hi Shirley, Its nice to see how much lovely colour you`ve still got as Autumn steps and that tangutica is like a ray of sunshine with its yellow bells.

30 Sep, 2018


Stera, it's interesting to me that you saw the Penstemon as blue and Waddy saw it as purple. My colour blind OH calls it violet! This led me to looking it up and the RHS and a couple of suppliers describe it as bright purple with a white throat. Just shows how folk vary in the colours seen!

Hywel, I shall investigate how to propagate that Geranium. It has been flowering for months outside but is now in the greenhouse as the temps have dropped at night.

Thanks Phyl, I hope the colour stays a while longer as I hate the lack of it in the Winter.

1 Oct, 2018


I too have a mental picture of Megan playing with the shrew, our Toffee hasn't appeared with any presents lately, think he got a tad fedup with us shutting the doors, as soon as we heard him calling to say he had caught something, also he doesn't want to share with Harriet, thank goodness..
You have some lovely plants and shrubs Shirley, like you I'm hoping to hang onto mine as long as possible, forever walking around deadheading....

1 Oct, 2018


Well yes, agree is is purply but not purple enough to take it out of my favourite blue category, lol. (ie its not a pink one)

1 Oct, 2018


I'm blue/purple colour blind so they are all just shades of the same colour. its a mutation apparently as my eyes were developing. causes some interesting colour choices. at least they don't clash.

But so many plants are not a true blue apparently, despite them having blue in the name.

1 Oct, 2018


Lincs, my OH always says cats are just contributing to the table! Hmm, not a fan of mouse pie. Toffee seems to have got the hint with the closed doors, ha ha! I pulled up a couple of Cosmos plants yesterday, both had tiny buds with browning foliage so they weren't going to come to much. Also saw many spider webs strung between shrubs and a Cranefly so Autumn is definitely here ... shame.

Stera and Sbg, interesting comments. I always consider the blue Meconopsis, the gorgeous Poppy, to be a true blue.

2 Oct, 2018


Shirley I'm still deadheading daily, the Cosmos have even begun to fill out at long last, honestly do not know how they are surviving as we haven't had any rain for weeks, its the morning dew that is keeping everything going and that mulching I did in August, we're in the midst of an Indian Summer so I've once again popped the new bulbs amongst the plants, no rhyme nor reason but it worked last year so I figured why not do it again, lol......

4 Oct, 2018


Lincs, today I planted fifteen Wallflowers I managed to buy from the local greengrocers shop. Noticed Love-in-a-Mist have self-seeded everywhere, along with Forget-me-nots, so more stuff for the brown bin!

I like your bulb planting regime! :o))

5 Oct, 2018

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