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A walk around RHS Wisley September 2016 ...


I posted a couple of blogs on Wisley this time last year, but my camera batteries gave up just before we reached the Bonsai and the Roses, so here’s a continuation for anyone who likes fabulous planting schemes on a grand scale! It is rather long, so you may like to get a cuppa and a comfy seat!

This year we lunched by the canal after wandering around the Plant Fair, then began our tour. Please come along with us …

The Surrey Sculpture Society Trail had 64 sculptures around the garden, ranging in price from £180 to £6,980, plinths not included in the prices unless stated.

This bronze resin Sea Lion Pup was really cute.

An Oriental Dragon, made from stainless steel, is one in a series of ten.

I love all the little water features, especially the carved bear by one of them.

Now we shall climb up, passing this wonderful tree on the way.

Even RHS Wisley is prone to slug damage!

Perhaps this Duck isn’t keen on them, he stood on one leg for some time, wondering whether he could make it up to the top no doubt!

Here are some amazing Bonsai … hope you like these Sheilabub!

Walking onwards and upwards

Here is the Potager Garden, full of luscious vegetables

Another wonderful sculpture here which I think was called ‘The Duchess’

The sign posts tell us we are heading towards the AGM plant borders, passing some gorgeous Roses on the way

This river of grass was fabulous

Hmm, we must have taken a wrong turn as the Rose garden has appeared before the AGM beds, no worries, we shall enjoy it all!

The yolk yellow Rose is ‘Molineux Ausmol’, an almost thornless variety
The Roses seemed to be in need of dead-heading to my mind, but perhaps at this time of year it isn’t a top priority job

Aha, these borders are looking like the AGM planted ones, absolutely lovely

To read the sign more easily, just press Ctrl and the + sign to enlarge. I’m only saying that as I didn’t know how to enlarge the picture for some time! Mind you, there is an App available, I wouldn’t have a clue though as don’t have a Smartphone!

Leaving the AGM borders now and look at who we came across

He is Cosmos-naut Tim Peake and I thought he was a real work of dedicated planting

We are almost at the end of the tour now, came across another sculpture

just a couple of photos of these flower beds

and finally a very tranquil scene to end our visit to RHS Wisley.

Thank you for joining us on our day out.

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That was a really lovely walk, and I was able to enjoy some things that I missed on the day, so thanks Shirley. I found this year that I couldn't walk so far, but loved the sculptures, and the bonsai.

10 Sep, 2016


Beautiful set of pictures of beautiful garden, Shirley. Loved the bonsai collection and the statutory.

10 Sep, 2016


Cinders, I'm not surprised you missed some things as it's such a large area to walk around. This year we didn't visit the conservatory/glasshouse as we spent a lot of time in there last year! Did you visit the Dahlia marquee? We chose not to as it didn't open until 12, after the judging, but we saw many folk leaving with Dahlia blooms to take home! Weren't the floral arrangements fabulous too?

Klahanie, pleased you liked the journey around Wisley, thank you for looking in.

10 Sep, 2016


Its an amazing place and so big! No wonder they don't have time to dead-head the roses! Love the Cosmos-naut and the Bear Sculpture. Loved the white frothy ground cover under the planting in the final beds too. Actually I loved it all. A river of grass....great idea if you have the space! What a great'd need a whole weekend to see it all though!

10 Sep, 2016


Yes we did visit the dahlias, it was really lovely in there. I did take one or two photos in there, will put some pics up later. My neighbour is in to dahlias, so had to take some for him. It was all fabulous wasn't it. I really enjoyed it.

10 Sep, 2016


Karen, there were moments when I just stopped to stare, such wonderful beds and borders! :o)

Cinders, we were so tired in the evening after so much walking. Glad we went though. I shall look out for your photos. :o)

10 Sep, 2016


Thanks for the Guided tour Shirley. I loved the water fall and weren't the roses beautiful? As for the sculpture of Tim Peake...very clever! So much to enjoy and the weather looks to have been perfect too, what more could you ask? I'll bet you were ready for a sit down and a cuppa after all that walking.

10 Sep, 2016


Brilliant blog, Shirley - wonderful photos. Thanks for including the bonsai walk - yes, I love them :))

Loved the river of grasses, too, and the pretty planting in the last two photos . . . I wonder what those grey/white plants are that look like snow?!

11 Sep, 2016


I'd love to visit but so far away, thanks Shirley it does look an amazing place, I don't think I could pick a favourite bit although the river of grass and the borders are very much to my liking and of course the duck, I can never resist them.
You never know I might get there one day for now thankyou for sharing your visit, much appreciated and enjoyed seeing all your lovely photo's..

11 Sep, 2016


What a wonderful place to much to see. Loved the tour..?

11 Sep, 2016


You must have been worn out after all that walking around, so much to see and take in, enjoyed all the pics, thank you for taking the time to put this blog on Shirley.....well worth all that walking!!

11 Sep, 2016


Super stuff, loved your blog. The AGM borders are wonderful aren't they.

11 Sep, 2016


Well you've already written the blog lol I am late as usual :D
The gardens are beautiful, including the sculptures.
Don't talk to me about aps I don't even know what they are ! I enjoyed the photos just as well without them :)

11 Sep, 2016


Nice blog Shirley.It certainly looks neater than When I went but, I'm afraid Wisley isn't one of my favourite gardens although the glass house is spectacular.

12 Sep, 2016


Thanks for taking us on your tour of the gardens at Wisley, I really enjoyed it!

Thanks for including the photo of the Cosmos-naut, Tim Peake! He joins together two of my deepest interests, i.e.Space exploration & gardening!

12 Sep, 2016


Thanks everyone for reading this blog ... pleased you enjoyed it too!

13 Sep, 2016


Thanks Hb ... I have just e-mailed RHS Wisley for an ID of the white ground cover planting so should have a name for it soon.

29 Sep, 2016


Today I received a reply to my quest for ID on the white ground cover plant. It is:

Cerastium tomentosum

Common names:

dusty miller

Can be annuals or mat-forming perennials with simple leaves and star-shaped five-petalled white flowers.

4 Oct, 2016

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