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A tiny taste of sunshine!


Because the sun was shining (special occasion) I took my camera for a walk. As you can imagine, most of my photos were terrible (honestly – shaky hand) so not worth sharing this time, sorry. However, these few are fine!

My favourite Phlox Chatahoochee

A tall primrose

New Acer

The Acer is a gift for my sister, Gill, because her beloved husband died a few days ago. She is amazingly calm, saying that his death wasn’t a shock (at 86) as his heart hadn’t been good for two years. Also, he gave his lovely neighbour a peck on the cheek which he had never done before … somehow they knew.

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That is very sad and poignant Sheila. The Acer is so lovely. Never mind about the shaky photos, these are lovely! X

25 Apr, 2024


Thanks Karen. x

25 Apr, 2024


What an apt gift for your sister Sheila. The Acer will be a constant reminder of him.x

25 Apr, 2024


Thanks Julia. I was inspired by friends who gave me a lovely Acer in remembrance of our younger son Steve. x

25 Apr, 2024


Nice photos & a lovely Acer to give to your sister.

26 Apr, 2024


The photos you have shown are lovely.
I agree with you as I think my husband knew before he died with certain things he said to me.
The Acer was a lovely gift for your sister.

26 Apr, 2024


Sorry to hear your sad news, Sheila, but the acer will be much appreciated, I'm sure.

26 Apr, 2024


Sheila, these photos are lovely and I do like the Phlox.

My Father spent a Christmas Day with us, he gave Michael a hug and me a kiss on the cheek before going home, unheard of for him to do anything like that, and he passed away three weeks later. Looking back, it was so out of character for him as he was not a' hugger' at all!

26 Apr, 2024


Thanks Josee, Rose and Ange.

Strange happenings Shirley, but so much easier for the family if the death is not too much of a shock.

Glad you like the Phlox: I’d love to find something else with this pretty “Wedgewood blue” colour.

26 Apr, 2024


Sorry to hear that sad news, Sheila, but the Acer is lovely & will help her to remember him.

26 Apr, 2024


Thank you David.

27 Apr, 2024


My father , when I was 24 came to see me a few days before Christmas.
Gave me a big hug and said have a lovely Christmas.
I couldn't understand that as we all went to my parents house on Christmas Day, but he died two days after I had seen him.
I am sure he knew! Never having been ill in his life and only 59.

27 Apr, 2024


How amazing Rose, but very sad for you to lose him when you were so young.

27 Apr, 2024


Sheila, sadly nobody knew he had a poorly heart and Mum found him on her return from shopping.

27 Apr, 2024


That must have been a terrible shock for your mother Shirley.

27 Apr, 2024


what a lovely gift to form a memorial of a loved one. It is beautiful.
I think your primula is the native cowslip, Primula elator [I think]. They are such good doers.
I enkoyed your blog.

27 Apr, 2024


Thanks Eileen. Of course you’re right, it’s a cowslip 🙂.

27 Apr, 2024


Lovely photos Sheila! So sorry to hear of your sisters loss. That's a beautiful Acer and such a lovely gift for her. x

28 Apr, 2024


Thanks Janey. x

29 Apr, 2024


I'm sorry to hear of your brother in law passing away, Sheila. I'm sure your sister will have all your support and all the family's support too.
It's very sad news, but, the Acer is a very lovely gift, especially as it was inspired by Steve x

7 May, 2024


Many thanks Kate 🙂. x

8 May, 2024


Lovely photo's Sheila, I have to take lots because I often get blurred ones, the phlox is a really pretty one, I treated myself to a lovely new green acer, Gill will love hers, I'm sure its the same one, forgot the name but the label is still in the pot, mine was a gift to myself last Saturday from our local nursery, we'd gone to buy some native plants for Dereks grave, coincidently cowslips was the main one that we wanted....

8 May, 2024


This Acer is called “Green …. something” I’ll look at the label next time I’m home. Thanks Sue.

13 May, 2024

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