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Unexpected spectacular colours!


Lovely sunshine today, so the chance to actually do some gardening. I planted two tubs of tulips ‘a la Monty’ and then noticed some gorgeous autumn leaves so took some photos to share.
Viburnum ‘Onondaga’

I love Hakonechloa in its autumn colouring.

Acer kojo-no mai

Acer Osakazuki

‘Artistic’ shot (ha ha) of Prunus Royal Burgundy with Leucothoe :)

Hakonechloa 2

Cornus kousa

I hope everyone enjoys the sunny week to come … fingers crossed.

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I can't stop looking at your first photo Sheila, the Viburnum Onondaga.That's not to say how lovely the other plants are.

5 Nov, 2023


Beautiful ,Sheila, what a lovely cheerful sight to look upon,especially uplifting,after the last rainy days.. :o)

5 Nov, 2023


You have lovely plants for autumn colour Sheila. I also admired your viburnum. The leaves shapes and the colouration are quite spectacular..... but I really like all the plants and their colours in your post. Glad you enjoyed your bulb planting day :-)

5 Nov, 2023


Thank you so much Julia - it's an unusual one.

And Sandra, thank you for your lovely comment.

Many thanks Klahanie ... it really is a lovely time of year, some of the time! X

5 Nov, 2023


Gorgeous autumn colour you have, Sheila! Such vividness, your garden must give you so much cheer at this time! All those vibrant leaves. I, too, love the viburnum, the leaf shape and colouring. Bet you're pleased you got your bulbs planted out, it's been a pleasant day.
I bought some bulbs yesterday, but, no time as yet to plant out. It started raining in the afternoon when we got back yesterday and I've been covering our service at the hospital today. So, hopefully next weekend, I'll get the chance.

5 Nov, 2023


Thanks Kate, yes I’m just pleased that so many colourful leaves are hanging on …

5 Nov, 2023


Lovely autumn colour Sheila and the acers are amazing!
It turned out to be a sunny day but had decided to visit my friend with dementia and then sat there thinking what a lovely day for gardening, and I missed it!

6 Nov, 2023


Thanks Rose - bad luck for you but your friend must have been grateful. Hope you’ve got sunshine again today.

6 Nov, 2023


Sunny morning Sheila! Yay!

7 Nov, 2023


Lovely autumn leaf colours!

I have taken pictures of trees with yellow or red leaves the last week or so!

7 Nov, 2023


Glad you have sunshine Rose.

Thanks for commenting Bacony.

7 Nov, 2023


I know that many dislike winter, but I can't imagine living anywhere that does not get the four distinct seasons. Autumn colour is so wonderful!

27 Nov, 2023


Good point Bowl you … yes, I appreciate our climate too. I once asked an Englishman living in Australia if he missed anything about the UK and he said “the changing seasons”.

27 Nov, 2023


Is it any wonder that people living in other countries think we British are strange creatures - talking about the weather all day long? 😆

All the years I lived in Spain it seemed a lot of the time we only had 2 seasons - winter & summer! Or perhaps some years a month of spring & a month of autumn!

"I planted two tubs of tulips ‘a la Monty’"

If you mean in 2 layers then I did the same - over 40 years ago! I think I still have some photos I took of them flowering.

29 Nov, 2023


Yes David, layers is what I meant … glad it worked for you. Thank you for your comment.

30 Nov, 2023

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