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Me again ... sorry!


So sorry that it’s been a while since I felt I had something worth photographing … well, it’s been cold and wet too which hasn’t helped.

However, seeing the sun shining, I grabbed my iPad because there was no battery left in my camera, and this is the (somewhat shabby) result.

Well, now I understand everyone’s frustration because my photos won’t upload!! Maddening … better luck another day :(

Just to remind myself in case there will be a long pause, my photos were of Primroses, snowdrops, several Tete a tete mini daffs, pink Ipheion, Daphne odora, and a new raised bed ready for a planting opportunity.

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i found I could upload photos into the gallery as long as they were less than 1 mb. they then copy across into a blog ok.

I am still delighted to be able to chat to friends on here so that is stil a bonus.

23 Feb, 2022


For me its erratic, sometimes I can see the photo's and then they're not there but my comments are staying put so that is at least something thats working right , I've just taken some photo's so will try and do a blog....

23 Feb, 2022


I am trying to picture your lovely, Spring like photos Sheila. The dreaded photo bug has managed to attack nearly all of us on here and it is infuriating.

23 Feb, 2022


Good luck next time! I'm sorry you're another having problems, Sheila.

23 Feb, 2022


Thanks everyone! I’ll see if the size is the fault, but I’ve never had to change that in the past …

If my resident expert (OH) can’t help, then I’ll know it’s the site.

23 Feb, 2022


I hope you get it sorted Sheila! It's so frustrating, isn't it!
I put some photos up a while ago of our new great granddaughter , which I was successful with, but now they have disappeared!
I have put 3 photos on though and soon going to try photos with a blog.

23 Feb, 2022


Cannot put any up, either in my gallery or onto the blog, I have downsized but still no luck..

23 Feb, 2022


I had to save mine in a low resolution format less than 1 mb.

23 Feb, 2022


Your garden must look lovely Sheila, it always does :)
You'll be able to show some photos soon. I just did a blog and they all came out.

24 Feb, 2022


Oh Hywel, thank you for your kind comment … just what I needed to cheer me up! I will try again tomorrow then 🙂.

24 Feb, 2022


Hope you have better luck then Sheila. It's frustrating when you can't see the photos you have uploaded to illustrate your blog! 😢

25 Feb, 2022


Thanks David, yes it is!

26 Feb, 2022


Very maddening it is Sheila, as I too know!
I bet your garden is looking very pretty right now, mines just beginning, being further north.
I've had a busy afternoon pruning old leaves from.the Hellebores, so you can see the flowers now, and tidying away old leaves and storm debris. Raked the moss out of the grass
So had a busy old time..:)) x

27 Feb, 2022


Well done Janey … I’m planning a similar day tomorrow 🙂. Went out in the sunshine today to THREE local GCs and came home with ONE plant … think that’s a record. Lovely deep pink Anemone - maybe one day I’ll be able to post a photo on here … 🙂 x

27 Feb, 2022


Back with one photo! My OH has reduced the original (2.6Mb) to this size (256kb), i.e. reduced by a tenth. As I've said, I haven't had a problem with sizing before, but if he can kindly reduce the others I'll be able to complete my blog ... for what it's worth! Maybe later ...

5 Mar, 2022


Hope you have better luck this time around, Sheila!

6 Mar, 2022


Thanks Balcony … it’s not easy, and I’m not sure my OH can spare the time for my amateur photos!

6 Mar, 2022

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