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Flipping foxes!


If anyone’s got any tips on how to stop foxes digging and pooping in my vegetable patch, I’d appreciate that.

We had cats before and got one of those sonic cat alarms, which I’m not convinced was very effective (the courgette leaves kept setting it off, and I caught a cat on the shed roof while the alarm was going off just metres away). That said, we didn’t see quite the same level of interference with our veggie patch.

Now we hear foxes climbing the fence at night and see them in the streets a fair bit, so it seems increasingly likely that they’re responsible for the mess up our veggie patch.

If anyone’s got any tips to keep them orf moi laaand, I’d appreciate that!

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You could buy a can of Animal Repellent from B&Q, it worked on rabbits eating my Alyssum plants, also stopped our Labrador chomping on large stones from the stream!!! I don't know if it would repel foxes, but worth a try - spray it round the edge of the area where they are worst. Good luck.

15 Oct, 2007


Thanks for that tip. We'll give it a go and hopefully keep the foxes out!

22 Oct, 2007


I am happy for the foxes to be around my garden, they help to keep the rabbit population down, they don't really damage my plants, the holes they dig are minimal, and their poo is definitely preferable than cats and dogs, I say, "bring 'em on!"

4 Dec, 2007


It might be that you have a much bigger garden that I do. We don't have much space for growing stuff, and the space we do have, we use fully. We have a problem with cats as well, but no trouble from rabbits or dogs where I live.

7 Dec, 2007


It's driving me crazy right now, as we have a fox that comes through our garden most nights and leaves a calling card.

He used to mess close to a bay tree at the bottom of the garden, but this was given the chop several monthe ago and we now have a deck built there.

Fortunately it's not messing on the deck, but it is messing in the alley behind the garden where I park my car, and it's right behind the car too, where I am likely to step in it after I go shopping.

I wonder if ammonia would work, after all that's like urine only stronger? Will put some orange peel down too, but any suggestions appreciated.

13 Jun, 2012

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