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day out with Hibrazilmac


I picked Hibrazilmac at 8.30 and after a pleasant drive we arrived at Reighton nurseries at 9.30.
We must have walked for miles, up and down the rows of plants. Decsions, decisions, what to buy?

We both picked up delphiniums, a lilacy pink one in my case.

I also picked up 6 lovely Heuchera ‘Melting fire’, 3 have been planted in the recently renovated border to complement the 2 Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’, I bought another one today too.

The other 3 Heuchera were planted with the Lobelia Fan F1 ‘Salmon’, a side border that rarely dries out and gets sun for about a third of the day.

Amythest and Ice is a centaurea that has white petals with lilac/purple centre; so into the basket [wheel barrow actually] went another 3. These will complement the common blue form and a very pale mauve form already in the border. These should be in flower soon.

I wanted some Phlox panniculata too and they had the normal height and a dwarf version. I went for the full sized ones and picked up the Peacock series a white and one called ‘cherry red’ more of a mid pink [the colour of the cherry flesh rather than the skin].

My favourite plant of the day is a lovely Hemerocallis ‘mountain lakes’ a rich red to go in my warm border. In fact it was already planted within 10 minutes of getting home.

Or it may be the Dicentra Bacchanal, I cant decide, but at £1.50 I couldn’t not take it home.

I also picked up a pack of seed of night scented stock [half price] ready for next year.

Apart from the phlox all plants are in the garden by 6pm and I got home at 1.00 then went out for afternoon tea between 2.30 and 5.00pm. All the plants in 3" pots were 50p each and all 18 plants plus seed came to ……

Wait for it ………… £15.90p. Bargains every one.

Now I was very good and only bought plants I really wanted or could find an immediate home for; I could have bought so much more.

Now as for my companion she will have to tell you herself. Blog time :o)
But I am sure she enjoyed her trip and we are planning another trip soon.

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Thats my idea of a good day a bit of everything and bargains thrown in as well,pleased you and your friend enjoyed yourselves. I have been to that nursery whilst visiting my brother and can remember being impressed by the prices,sounds as good still........

3 Aug, 2009


oh yes it is. cant wait to go again. but i have to sort out the beds first :o(

3 Aug, 2009


Looks like you had a blast, SBG! I love the Hemerocallis, just lovely, & my favourite colour combo!

3 Aug, 2009


What a lovely day for you both and you bought some lovely things Seaburngirl :)
Had you met before ?

4 Aug, 2009


sounds like the perfect day, and lovely plants to remind you of it :)

4 Aug, 2009


Yes louise, we are both members of our local HPS [Hardy plant society] and have been friends for several years now. we live not far from each other.

we had a great morning out.

4 Aug, 2009


That's lovely :)
Have another outing soon please !!!

4 Aug, 2009


WOW was mentally totting up how much you may have spent
what bargains, thats brilliant well done you

x x x

4 Aug, 2009


I knew from previous experience that nearly all 3" pots are usually only 50p. I have to be really strict with my self :o)

4 Aug, 2009


its hard though isnt it
I darent go in garden centres at the mo
I have to be dragged out
we went to tecos the other day and i happened to wander towards the flower section
but they only had cut ones :o(

x x x

4 Aug, 2009


What a great place! I bet you two were like children in a sweet

You got some lovely plants. I'm sure it was difficult to choose - and to leave behind more that you'd have liked!

4 Aug, 2009


sounds like you really enjoyed your time there sea....and certainlycame home with some great bargains, well done,

4 Aug, 2009


yes we had to be so disciplined so we didnt miss anything.
that was really hard and we had to keep reminding each other not to look too far ahead in case we missed anything.

4 Aug, 2009


lol sea...

4 Aug, 2009


great bargains sbg making me jealous here , will need to get out and find some of my own soon.

25 Aug, 2009

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