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someone asked about favourite things


A bit back we had a lovely musing about what were our favourites plants;
I listed a few and many are linked to family memories.

One of mine with no family links is Beech foliage when it is young and fresh.
Hope you like the photos. difficult to photograph into the sun and maintain detail and of course they look better back lit.

It is a mature tree about 150 yrs old and responsible for the deep shade I enjoy.

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150 years old ~
I'm sure the fresh foliage of this tree has brought shade and delight to many generations before you... :o)

27 Apr, 2009


it stands on our boundary with 'the old vicarage' . The house plot was part of the vicarage grounds. it looks like a georgian building so as you say lots of people will have enjoyed it.
dont like it in the autumn all those leaves :o(
they take up to 4 yrs to rot down well but gosh it is good for the soil:o)

27 Apr, 2009


I love the autumn colour before you have to start raking - such a lovely warm yellow. The woods behind my garden are mostly beech - used to be used in the furniture industry with bodgers living in the woods turning chair legs.

27 Apr, 2009


The leaves in the photo will have rotted when the tree is 154 years old. LOL.
Yes, clearing up autumn leaves is not a favourite task, but without that, we wouldn't be able to have the fresh, green leaves the following spring. Lovely living in a country with the definite four seasons....

27 Apr, 2009


couldnt agree more tt.

27 Apr, 2009


A great age for a beautiful tree. Agree,the fresh new foliage is lovely !

27 Apr, 2009


You know what my feelings are about trees - and yours is lovely. :-)

27 Apr, 2009


Oh wow! What a stunner! Do you get many interesting birds singing from it? I'm amazed the leaves take that long to decompose!!!!

29 Apr, 2009


yes we do from the thrushes to fieldfares, robins, longtailed tits and their cousins, tree creeper and finches and in summer a tawny owl rests up during the day. magpies and rooks make the most noise and mess from their toilet. Have had great spotted woodpeckers too. a family of squirrels use it as a regular climbing frame.

the leaves have high levels of tannins which are quite acidic so take longer to break down. it makes a good mulch for the camelia as my garden is on chalk bedrock.

29 Apr, 2009

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