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Brave little souls


Like a lot of the country we had snow yesterday and again today.
The garden looks quite tidy under its snowy blanket but I know it isn’t.
The view from my sewing room.

There is evidence that a fox has walked through the garden during the night , his brush has left the tell-tale signs in the snow. Sadly that photo is so blurred it isn’t worth showing.

8 o’clock this morning I went out to fill the feeders and put out water for the residents. some are standing on the pond ice and drinking from the edges. Blackbirds were down even before I got to the table.
This female has a misshapen wing but this is her 3rd year in my garden [she was raised here].

The male wont be wanting a bath in there! Female is already on the food.

The next blizzard had him sheltering between 2 pots, bless him.

The other brave souls are ‘early harvest’ Tulips, my mini iris ‘Alida’ , ‘DS Dijt’, ‘Harmony’ and crocus Vanguard.

The drive strip that I planted up 5yrs ago now still has Iris ‘Pixie’ popping up even if OH does shovel even more snow on them. Yesterday’s covered with more today.

There was one other brave soul and that was me. Checked the greenhouse and -4 at its lowest, -3 at 8 this am and hovering around zero at 2 pm. the compost is frozen in the pots of various plants. But they will be fine as they are not overly wet.

So no gardening but lots of sewing. This first is called courthouse steps and is 1 of 16 that will be joined together.
The second one is un-named but its border [third]is called flying geese.

Hope you all stay safe and warm.

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Hi Sbg, my next door neighbour love the snow, he NEVER does anything in his garden, [I cut the brambles back for him once a year to stop them encroaching on my garden], and he always says that when everything is covered in snow, his garden looks as nice as mine, ??? Derek.

28 Feb, 2018


Aw! Sorry about the Tulips. I was so envious of your early flowers. Will they improve as the weather gets warmer? Tulips drop so easily.

28 Feb, 2018


oh! that's a shame, I hope your Tulips recover. The birds are really having it tough, I keep going going out to brush the snow off their feeders. Keeping their water free of ice is difficult, but they can't survive very long without water can they?

28 Feb, 2018


I hope your tulips recover too,Sbg..but don't the Iris stand out against the snow? so pretty..It's so hard for the birds just now,so hope the thaw comes soon. I bet you are glad you have your sewing to keep you occupied ..and very nice it looks too..I especially like the colours in the first one..;o)

28 Feb, 2018


Keep safe in this awful weather. It's a struggle for plants and wild animals. I hope they'll be all right.
Nice that you have something creative to do :)

28 Feb, 2018


Yes, stay cosy! It looks lovely but its freezing!

28 Feb, 2018


yes the tulips will recover once they thaw.
there is free water around the edge of the pond where some of the plants are so water is available though I do add tubs of cold tap water that takes about 2hrs to full freeze again.

we've had snow thunder tonight as well. rather weird.
the colours are much brighter. the centre square is a rich violet colour and the flowers are lilacs. so still horticultural haha.

28 Feb, 2018


It all looks lovely but -4 is much too low for me. I cannot stand the cold. Your iris are giving you a great show especially as OH attacks them by throwing more snow over them. Lol they really are thumbing their noses at him. There is nothing backward with C.Vanguard. Your sewing is lovely. I like the court house steps pattern.

1 Mar, 2018


Stay safe and cosy and keep sewing!!

1 Mar, 2018


Beautiful photos here. The flowers and birds seem to be coping with it all 'with a little help from their friends!'

1 Mar, 2018


my tulips bar one flower have all recovered. Such hardy early tulips.
nothing looks too desperately damaged :o)

5 Mar, 2018


just found this your colours in the first quilt square, think i'll try for that combination in my little courtyard, if not this year, then next..i keep going back to your posts, have added you to my favs..

7 Jul, 2018


thank you odaatpat. the purples are from a range called hydrangea but I cant remember who designed it. possibly freedom fabrics.

7 Jul, 2018

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