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Vine weevils and lily beetle eggs


Many of us are now familiar with the grubs but I noticed on a posting today the query about another critter found in the compost.
This sounded like the next pupal stage where the larva [child] turns into a pupal form [teenager] before emerging as an adult.

The first time I found them I did think they might be juvenile bees as I remember studying them at school.

Anyway not to disappoint I found these obliging critters yesterday and took photos so I could put them in a blog.

Look at the bristles developing, nature is amazing even on these pests [well they are to us]

Also found these lily beetle eggs on a lily leaf so you know what to look for too ;o)

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Yes, very .....erm....interesting SBG! Lol......I'm ever so squeamish!

23 Apr, 2014


Sorry but I cant help myself. ;o) I love nature in all its disgusting forms. Sneaking admiration for slugs and snails too. Hate touching slugs though. urrgh

23 Apr, 2014


Oh wow and yuk all at the same time, I too am a bit squeamish at times but I love my lilies so have to be brave, lol, thanks Seaburn, I recognize the little white beggars and now thanks to your pic I know what else to look for to protect them....

23 Apr, 2014


They may look disgusting to us, but in many countries they eat them. I eat snails but not them.

24 Apr, 2014


Snails??? Let me know how many you want...I like to admire them if there's only one at a time but hate the way they devastate everything. Only tried eating one once (can't think now how I hyped myself up to it) but it was like rubber covered with garlic butter and I'd rather just dip my bread in the butter and leave the snail...

Thank you SBG, that's very interesting. You would need a lot of those for a meal...

24 Apr, 2014


Hi, for anyone who is a bit squeamish about squashing lilly beetles, try using a pair of long thin nosed pliers, you can grab them and squash at the same time, and they don't see you coming, Derek.

24 Apr, 2014


I saw my very first Lily beetle last week. They must be spreading :( I'll have to keep an eye out for their eggs. Thanks for the inf.

27 Apr, 2014


I found a Vine Weevil on a Hollyhock leaf today ... not seen one on that plant before ... :o(

29 Apr, 2014


I hope you dispatched her under your shoe?

30 Apr, 2014


Nope - dropped it into the brown bin - somehow makes me feel less cruel!

30 Apr, 2014


I found 3 lily beetles on one tub of lillies today, I checked all the others carefully but they were ok ..
Shirley you are a big softie, I can assure you the beetles I found got the order of the boot immediately.

30 Apr, 2014


Lol Sue - I accidentally trod on a small snail earlier - felt really sorry for it!

1 May, 2014


I find myself saying Sorry out loud when I do that...pathetic isn't it?

1 May, 2014


Lol Stera ... just shows you care! :o)

4 May, 2014


thanks for the pic checking now

9 Jul, 2015

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