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copper tape versus copper cable.


hi all. i dont know how much copper tape is, but i know that a 50mtr reel of 1.5 twin and earth (or 2.5) will give you 150mtrs of copper for around £25.00.
i think if you space it out till it has a all round depth of 4-6cms. you can put it around your pots and planters. i have made bands for around the bases of my plants, with copper spikes to keep it in place. on some plants like my ostas i have buried 2 rings beneath the soil, and made a continuos ring above ground.
before anybody goes out to buy reels of copper cable, your local electrical retailer will sell you it by the metre. good luck. scousemonk (john)

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the tape i bought was £3.99 for 4 metres, thats £1/m, which is pricey but not as pricey as having £6 hosta shredded and hundreds of seedlings raised in shop bought compost eaten. The cable does seem to work out much cheaper and you can adapt to suit. sounds good. Having used tape for the first time this year Im convinced it works for pots. The repellant granules i use in the open seem to do the job too, as my sweetpeas are untouched as yet, but we havnt had much rain which may reduce their effectiveness, and they are very bulky and you need quite a lot of it. would love to hear other gardeners experiences

26 Apr, 2009


I put my pot up on those "feet". That seems to have kept my hosta's looking good, which I'm well pleased with. I did also put some sharp grit around the edges too, just in case!

26 Apr, 2009


I may try copper tape. I have too many slugs here

27 Apr, 2009

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