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Hi there,
I’ve managed to take some photos of the garden to show how the flowers are developing at this time of year. It seems to be a garden with lots of plants that come at different times which I guess is what you would aim for! Great! I still have no idea what most of the plants are, so will put some on here in the hope that they can be named by you knowledgable lot! I have what looks to me as a major problem with my roses! I noticed today that some of them are covered in bugs! Eek! What should I do? should I cut off the stems that are covered, or try and brush off the bugs or are they OK? I know nothing about roses, except for that they are beautiful, and there are lots of them in my garden! I have put up a picture of the very first rose bloom of the season which was partly hidden almost around the back of a bush! Could hardly see it where it was so I thought I would snip it off and enjoy it in the house. With any luck, provided those bugs don’t do serious damage, there will be lots more to come.
I am constantly amazed everyday by how quickly the garden changes. Every morning I take my baby Oliver (nearly 9 months) for a walk around the garden (if weather permits) and we have a look at all the new buds and flowers that have appeared. It’s great and hopefully will help him to grow up with an appreciation of flowers and gardens. At the moment, he just wants to pull all the flowers off and eat them though! ;-)
Anyway, will post up some pictures for identification and also will write my roses/bug problem on the questions place.

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Guess you're heading into Spring when the first roses bloom: lucky you. I use Neem oil to control aphids and other sucking and chewing insects: doesn't hurt the beneficial bugs or you and your family. The last photo is a cyclamen, isn't it; above that, red tulips open with blue muscari or grape hyacinths and maybe forget-me-nots. Wonderful to have such surprises from the previous gardener!

20 Sep, 2009


What are the plants in the 2nd and 3rd picture ?
They both look pretty.

20 Sep, 2009


I was going to ask the same question Louise I have the secound plant (purple ) in my garden Do not no its name. It was a cutting my neighbour gave me.

20 Sep, 2009


Isnt neem oil for head lice? I have just looked it up at £3.50 for 50 ml this seems expensive way to control aphids? When my dahlias etc get bugs I hose them or use soapy water which is sticky and deters their return. The second pic might it be a variety of Aster?

20 Sep, 2009


Third picture looks like a small leaved Rhododendron.

20 Sep, 2009


The second one is Cineraria. The third is a rhododendron.
You have lovely plants. I hope Oliver grows up to enjoy the garden

20 Sep, 2009


Neem oil is diluted with water, sometimes as little as a teaspoon per quart (read directions), then used as a spray. Thanks, Hywel, for the ID. I googled cineraria and found on NaturalEyeCare that "Cineraria is the traditional homeopathic remedy found in the Ophthalmology section of the Physicians Desk reference for over 25 years as a treatment for cataracts." A vivid blue like that sure sharpens my sight!

21 Sep, 2009


Orgratis - the use of products such as Neem Oil is causing concern in the medical profession because over use of products such as those used for head lice is allowing the lice to become resistant? Is Physicians Desk a accredited/recognised organisation and should its advice perhaps be used with caution/further research?

21 Sep, 2009


Certainly research as much as you need and trust your own best judgment. Physicians Desk reference is pretty well regarded by the AMA & medical profession here. Hadn't heard of using Neem for head lice; altho some people use olive or tea tree oil or mayonaise to suffocate lice, neem and tea tree, I think, interrupt the digestion and breeding cycle. Don't know if it's so much the lice become resistant, as the chemical treatment of pediculicide may not get all the eggs (per Center for Disease Control, US gov). Don't want to be a nit-picker, but I would hesitate to put use insecticides on my body like Ovide (malathion) or Ivermectin.

23 Sep, 2009

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