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First blog...winter wrapping!


By sarahm


Hi all fellow garden guys & gals
As the weekend had a sunny & dry day, thought that I better get a few choice plants wrapped up for the winter.

As I’ve got more plants now than a year ago, the garage doesn’t have enough room anymore.

So I am having a go at winter protection outside in some mini plastic greenhouses.

I ran some searches on GoY first to see what all of you experts do…so hope this works!

I’ve posted some before and after pics.
Fingers crossed that this enough of a winter blanket!

Jasmine Before on a summer’s night (ok so I thought the wine glass was out of shot….!)

Jasmine After- its in there – honest!

Bay Tree Zinc planters in the summer…..

Bay Tree Zinc Planters after- a bit festive but that’s because I am only doing this once in the autumn/winter!

I would have really liked some plain brown potato planters…but this was all I could get!

If it gets really snowy I’ll put fleece hoods on these, but in the meantime this should protect the roots from frost.

Still got loads more to wrap up or mulch for winter….so hoping for another dry weekend soon!

Any advice re the aeonium in next photo, will a similiar winter festive wrapping plus bringing it under cover of a north facing open porch be enough? I normally take it in to the garage each year..but it loses all its petals/leaves in the dark and space is a bit limited this year…..

Thanks for reading and enjoy the changing seasons- I’ve been loving all the gorgeous Autumn photos and blogs GoY members are posting!!

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Well done on your winter wrapping .. very neat :o)

1 Nov, 2012


I hope your plants will survive.
I bring my Aeonium into the conservatory. I don't know how hardy they are so I can't sdvise you. It should be kept frost free I think, so I hope your porch will be enough shelter for it.

1 Nov, 2012


Glad to see I'm not alone, Ive purchased 1 small and 1 a bit bigger, to house my tender plants. Your bay trees look nice just be carefull the frost doesn't catch you out.

1 Nov, 2012


I keep my fuchsias in my growhouse, it is useful outside in the summer for seedlings, but in the winter I put it in the garage with the fuchsias in, having one of those garages that is little more than a large garden shed, I find it works really well.

1 Nov, 2012


You have worked well Sarah, I`m lucky enough to have two greenhouses so its easier for me as I can lift my pots and place them under my staging, have to admit I have so far only put my fuschia`s inside, still lots to move but I still have to clear my tomato`s away and replace my staging..
Your Aeonium is a beauty, I hope you find a place for it.....
Nearly forgot, well done on your first blog and I`m pleased you are enjoying Goy...

2 Nov, 2012


Thanks all..going to take a few more plants inside today!

2 Nov, 2012

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