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I have a tiny garden and I’m just starting to enjoy pottering about in it. This is the third garden I’ve had, the first was small but I was in my early 20’s, had a baby and a toddler and no time to do anything with it.

The second garden I had was lovely when I moved in, I bought it from someone who was a very tidy gardener. I am told he even mowed the lawn on the morning of moving day! It was on a hill and was exhausting to keep tidy. The kids were still very young, I was working long hours and I am afraid I let it go. :(

After that we lived in a flat for a while and you cannot believe how much I missed having a garden. So, now I have one again I really appreciate it! The front garden is lawn and not much else, it’s open plan with the neighbours which is something we plan to change. It’s a blank canvas and I am almost scared to start digging beds because I don’t know what to put where! The back is small and has a concrete drive for the car (which we currently don’t use). There is a small lawn, patio and beds around the edge with some badly cared for shrubs. I’ve been weeding the beds but they are full of stones and rubble so it’s a long job.

I haven’t taken any pics yet but I will add some soon. I suspect many will be of the ‘what is this and how do I stop it looking so straggly’ variety! In fact, while I’m here, anyone know how to save a lavendar that hasn’t been pruned for several years?

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Good luck with your garden. It's nice you've got one again. You're going to have a wonderful time designing the new beds etc. Don't be scared. It's trial and error. If you find you plant something in the wrong place you can always move it. I shall look forward to your photos.

26 Apr, 2010


It's great that you're having a garden again :-) Having a blank is great,you'll have some fun.I had the same thing when i moved-small,neglected,grass,weeds,rubble...My advice will be to work on the stones and rubble first or they'll drive you insane.We dug out so much rubble we had to pay to get rid of it,but now we got beautiful soil.Don't worry about errors,plants can always be moved.Looking forward to your photos.
If your lavender got to woody it's probably to late,maybe you can take cutting?.

26 Apr, 2010


Hi sarahlou77, welcome to GOY. You can rest assured, we are a very helpful bunch here, always ready to help. About the lavender, I would do what Columbine has suggested. Look forward to seeing your garden in due course.
Happy gardening. Best way to go about it, take your time, you will then enjoy it more, or it can become overwhelming......

26 Apr, 2010


Hi Sarahlou,welcome from me too.I think a lot of us started out just like you,and it is hard work,but worth all the back breaking moments.You will be so proud,when you get to the planting stage,,and you will,bit by bit.Sorry,I have only just noticed your PM,will get back to you soon.

26 Apr, 2010


whatever your size of garden its the idea of growing your own and sometimes people commenting on it.

cheers davey

27 Apr, 2010


Welcome to GOY. Take cuttings as suggested by C & M above. It is very easy to do even if you do not think of yourself as a gardener yet. You soon will be. has helpful advice on how to save your lavendar or propagate it using cuttings and layering. I know friends who live in an open plan development. Owners who like yourself wanted a bit of privacy at the front managed to get the open plan rule changed. I think open plan was a planning trend a few years back and it works if everybody has lovely landscaping but can look a bit bleak if not. Happy gardening.

4 May, 2010


Don't give up on ur lavender. Love to see a pc. However it can die if u cut back too much. I'd cut every other branch back a 1/3 them wait to see if it start to regenerate. If it does them cut then back some of the other branches. It puts it in less shock that way.

15 May, 2010

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