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well this is my first blog and probably not my last… lets start first with a list of plants that i have currently am growing in my room.
1. snap dragon 1
3.Miniature African violet 1
4.another Miniature African violet 2
5. cactus 1
6. cactus 2
7. cactus 3
8. Prayer plant
9. ivy
11. moss
12. mystery plant
14.African violet regular 1
15. african violet regular 2
and if i think of any more then ill add them later

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You really have got an indoor garden, haven't you? Are you going to post a photo of the 'Mystery plant' for ID?While all this is going on indoors, what's growing outside?

19 Apr, 2008


A regular indoor plant haven! I kill houseplants with a regularity that is scary!! What's the secret?

20 Apr, 2008

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